Sometimes, I forget how lucky I am to live somewhere where I can take photos like this from my home office window.

Another, more positive, HomePod thought: since its arrival my daughters now see any speaker without Siri in it as inherently broken.

My major HomePod Siri annoyance: when my girls ask for “My Little Pony: the Movie”, Siri replies that it can’t handle video, unless they specify “album” or “by various artists”. It really should be smart enough to know that if a movie is being requested on a HomePod, the request is for the soundtrack album…

I’m old enough to remember when the discussion about “a Spotify for News” was about an “iTunes for News”. And it’s still not working…

Uninstalling all social media from my 12 inch iPad Pro - I want to make this my productivity and focus device. Only micro-blog survives - for now.

For all the creepy, invasive tracking ad companies do, they still can’t figure out that sending me a load of “treat your mother this Mother’s Day” offers is a painful waste of time.

She’s been dead for nearly 10 years.

The Adur, 6.45am

I was early enough out of the house this morning that I had time to pause on the Adur Ferry Bridge and grab some images.

It’s nice to be doing that walk in the early dawn light, rather than in the dark. Spring will be here soon…

I have got the insane number of tabs i had open across five device down to under 20, and everything else either acted on, blogged about of filed away in Instapaper or Pocket. Good work, me.