Under 50 e-mails in my inbox. 🙌🏻

This is a really good listen on the social problems of the social web Ellen Pao on Ezra Kelin’s podcast.

Greta piece by Om Malik on follower counts and the dangers of seeing social media as a broadcast channel: “Fake Followers” are “Social Spam”

This is a fascinating read on the need for context to properly frame historic photos and their meaning.

This really is another step towards the iPad becoming the default creative tool for many: Adobe to Launch Photoshop for iPad in Strategy Shift

Is Apple doing away with its in-built book printing services? Did I miss an announcement?

Tactical approached to combatting misinformation only get us so far - and people are dying now. Time to start thinking about this strategically at a cultural level.

I have to say, this is not the sort of story you hope to read about a former student: The Times Has Sacked An Award-Winning Reporter For Running A Fake Review Scam

A place in the shade, an espresso, an iPad and my daughter’s Rainbows troop in the distance. Good living. 👌🏻

Now, this is how a cartoonist takes his revenge…

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This is a compelling story charting the rise of a toxic online male culture that led to incel violence.

This is a thoughtful and useful piece: You don’t have to live in public

That was a long time ago. The book is browning at the edges…

These are my notes from a talk by Sir Tim Berners-Lee at LeWeb back in 2014. He was starting to say things we weren’t ready to hear back then…

Goodness. Who know that my old pro gaming work might open the door to a new career? Digital companies are using after work D&D games to boost morale.

I’ll roll 2D10 to that!

Bless Blizzard and the Overwatch team for doing something that allows me to write “a teeny tiny digital murder rodent” in a Serious Piece I am writing right now.