Oh, my. A year before the Brexit vote and the Trump election, I linked to reporting about how Russian misinformation was sowing discord in US communities.

If only people had taken that a lot more seriously.

I suppose that I should be working systematically through One Man & His Blog’s archives, upgrading them and correcting problems left over from various platform moves.

But it’s more fun just to chose a random tag — like seashore.

Archive spelunking

Managed to resurrect all but one of the broken links on this 14 year old post. (The reason why is a subject for another post).

Looking back on the 2006 web - pre-social media as we know it today - I can’t help feeling that many aspects of it were better and healthier than what we have now.

We really need to talk about trust in journalism.

Breakfast of champions.

There’s a good reason we should temper the current Substack enthusiasm in journalism circles with a little caution. It wouldn’t take much for the newsletter platform to reinvent itself as an attention gatekeeper.

And there’s VCs lurking the background, wanting their payday…

A restaurant in Île de Ré, from back when I used to travel overseas.

And go to restaurants.

An Île de Ré restuarant in August 2019.

Frost on the roofs this morning. The girls were very excited. The adults, less so.

Frost on Emerald Quay roofs, Shoreham Beach.

Didn’t take them long to find the refilled feeders.

Closing in on feeders in a tree in a Sussex garden.

I used my new MacBook Pro for an hour this morning to monitor a livestream I was running, dived into a quick Zoom call, have done some emails, edited some photos and worked on a blog post.

And I have 95% battery left. 🤯

Spending far too long looking at video of myself has been one of the major downsides of the pandemic.

Blogging is a discipline: it’s a practice of expressing your thoughts in writing, routinely, and with focus. Writing a post every day for Microblogvember has helped reinforce that.

And…done. 🍾

It was a gorgeously foggy morning this morning:

Lovely day for a beach walk.

Adam Tinworth in a raincoat on Shoreham Beach.

Requiem for a lamp

I’m saying “goodbye” to an old friend this morning. For the last 23 years, whenever I’ve been working at my desk, across three different properties, this old, battered lamp has lit my work. Last week — in the middle of a lecture — it finally, catastrophically fell apart.

A broken anglepoise lamp.

I didn’t even choose it. It came into my life because my girlfriend of the time was working at Terry Farrell & Partners, a firm of architects. They were having an office refurb (or was it a move? I can’t recall at this distance) and she grabbed some things that were being thrown out.

She left it behind when she exited my life and, amusingly, my relationship with the lamp has lasted well over ten times longer than my relationship with her… But I’m proud that I’ve used this thing that came my way for so long. This lamp has had over two decades of extra use after it was first consigned to the bin, and in an era when we’re ever more aware of the climatic cost of a throw-away culture, this small choice has proven to be surprisingly satisfying.

Revamped online lecturing and training setup working well. 👍🏻

New, chez Tinworth.

Facing the sea.

A couple stands on Shoreham Beach facing the waves.

The fact that the entire British political establishment is waiting anxiously for a blog post makes my deep loyalty to the medium feel completely validated. 😏

Media artisans and their tools…

Quite proud of this:

Hello, Big Sur.

(That sounds like something from a really bad prison movie: “Jim, if you want to survive in here, you need to keep Big Sur happy…”)

The Big Sur login screen.

Should I?

Today’s experiment: my Canon M-series camera as webcam…


A seashell on Shoreham Beach