Lessons from two months of #2minutebeachclean

For the last couple of months, my daughters and I have been doing a #2minutebeachclean pretty much every Sunday - concentrating on the same small patch of the beach.

While it’s been delightful spending the time by the sea, playing with the girls, and watching them become more aware of their environment, the sheer volume of plastics we’re pulling out of that small patch of the beach is depressing.

It’s been a case of not really realising the depth of a problem until you stare it in the face — and it’s making me think about all the purchasing decisions I make, but also what else we can do as a family to help turn this around.

What have we done?

I know all the hip joints!

Still can’t quite believe that I turned down the chance to work on this beauty - but it was the right decision at that time of my life.


Dangerous shop.

Productivity in the home office this morning: could be better.

First signs of spring. (Which means it’ll be snowing within the month…)


Late night London.

Scenes from a beach walk.

On the Shoreham Beach boardwalk. Stormy Shoreham BeachWaves on Shoreham Beach

Despite the cold, it’s a really lovely day here on the coast.

Even a little snow makes a three year old joyful.

The mighty thaw is well underway on the Sussex Coast.

That’s looking more like snow.

Apple kills Google’s internal apps as well.