A few images from the beginning of our holiday two weeks ago: Wightlink to the Isle of Wight, and setting up at the campsite outside Sandown. Oh, and charging the car off the electrical hookup on the campsite. 🚙 ⚡️ 👍🏻


I think it would be fair to say that my teenage record buying was not cool.

Singles of Doctor in Distress by Who Cares and Star Trekkin' by The Firm.

My youngest is enjoying a trip to the local Lidl far too much.

Last early morning trip to the swimming pool before the Autumn. Rewarded with some lovely views.

Lovely still afternoon on the river.

The Adur from the Adur Ferry Bridge.

Well, fibre to the premises certainly makes a difference…

Coastal blessings - the warmest it got yesterday was 33.5° in the back garden. Everywhere in the house stayed sub-30°.

I’m not quite sure when and how it happened, but I’ve slowly become a mornings person. I was always a night owl, but getting up at 6.30am to have my daughter swimming by 7.30am increasingly feels like a pleasure, not a burden.

It’s been a long time since I walked over this bridge.

Winnersh Triangle Station is pretty small for a station right by a big office park. It’s barely more than a halt. There is a tiny ticket office and seating area, though.

Yesterday morning in Crewe and this morning in Winnersh.

Doing a lot of this over these few days of work…

Charging an electric car…

Lovely brunch prepared by my daughter!

Poached egg on bagel!

Fascinating seeing Shoreham Beach from the other side of the harbour entrance for once.

And… breathe.

OK. I admit it. This is absolutely my kind of feature:

“Memes can be thought of as a form of symbolic art. A meme isn’t usually about what’s being depicted, but about what the viewer feels when seeing it, or the connotations it arouses.”

This feature is going to have to work hard to convince me of its thesis…

(From the latest Standart Magazine.)

A feature entitled "the hipster barista dies not exist" from Standart magazine.

Sugar rush incoming.

Cosmopolitan place, Shoreham.

BB8, a Dalek and Adam Tinworth on the coast.

Sitting, working, on the balcony, and wondering why I don’t do this more.

Best badge ever.

I’ve got a feeling we’re being watched here in the churchyard…

All ready to see my youngest get a Gold Award at the Funky Friday assembly…

The beach, late this afternoon.

A girl plays on the sand, with a kite surfer in the distance.