Back at City, ready to teach journalism again. 18 months ago, I walked out of here during one of the production weeks, completely unaware that it would be so long before I’d be back.

But it’s good to be back.

Slightly perturbed to discover that my daughters think that I’m basically Izzy Moonbow…

Day 2: It’s never fully dark, down by the river. #mboct

There’s something quite nice about a day so wet and blustery that you feel no guilt at all about just chilling out in the house.

Day 1: My daughter couldn’t resist reaching out to touch these fishy up-cycled spoons at the Artisans’ Market. #mboct

Gotta say, shipping the new GoPro in a plastic bag somewhat undermines the “plastic free packaging” messaging…

A GoPro Hero 10 in its shipping packaging.

Today’s exciting lunch break: cleaning the tent post-camping trips.

A tent pitched jn a back garden.

One of the things I love about visiting Woods Mill is that you can get beautiful images before you’ve even left the car park…

Is it even social media if you don’t occasionally post photos of your lunch?

I much prefer the feel of matt dust jackets when reading a hardback book to glossy ones.

Self-solving tech problems are my favourite kind.

An uptime notification on an Apple Watch.

Up at stupid o’clock for a podcast guest appearance…

Having a coffee in Tom Foolery with my daughters. It almost feels like the old days again. ☕️

If you ask me, this is nothing but a pile of junk.

A pile of junk.

Luca, the new Pixar movie on Disney+, proved a perfect Father’s Day watch with my girls. It’s a simple story, but the richness lies in the relationships and characters, with a surprising amount of subtle shading in their behaviour.

Well worth a watch. 🍿

Friendly wee chap in the churchyard this morning.

A squirrel in the churchyard of St Mary de Haura.

First library visit since the first lockdown! 📚

Two girls and a pile of library books.

Birthday party in progress: pin the tail on the Gnasher…

A drawing of the Beano's Gnasher, teady for a "pin the tail" game.

I’ll be honest — editing these photos is making me hungry.

Mmm. Brownies.

It turns out that our local church uses some rather dated tech…

Floppy disks being used for a church organ.

Always worth taking time out to feed our feathered friends.

Bird feeders in a back garden.

Bottoming out

On Wednesday morning, I hit a low. My family has been lucky during the pandemic — none of us have caught the virus (as far as we know), and we haven’t lost anyone. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been an impact. For me, the main impact has been on my mental health. 

The near-destruction of my business a year ago has shaken me profoundly. It’s eroded my sense of self-confidence more than it should have, and left me prone to bouts of bleakness. I hesitate to call it “depression”, because I don’t have a diagnosis, and I know people have it a lot worse than I do. But it’s there, I need to acknowledge it and learn to live with it, because I don’t think it’s going away any time soon. 

Some frustrations that morning — a couple of pieces of work I thought were in the bag turning out to be far less so — sent me spiralling downwards. One situation in particular felt like a very personal rejection, and was probably what triggered my bleak mood. I can still feel it haunting me a couple of days later. 

I had to pull away from social media — Twitter especially — for a while, because it’s not good for me at the best of times. I toyed with the idea of starting to look for a job again — something I haven’t done seriously for nearly a decade.

Living self-employment

And then, I remembered that I am self-employed, and that I am so for a reason. I really am my own boss, and I can take time off if I need it. I declared the rest of the day a mental health day for myself, and took myself off to Worthing to do a couple of chores. 

Once they were done, I gave myself permission to just wander, explore. To see new places I hadn’t seen before, something I haven’t really done in over a year now. I followed the main street in Worthing far beyond where I’ve every gone before, and after I passed the tertiary retail and the empty units, I started finding some interesting wee shops off the side-streets. 

Found, a shop in Worthing

Badgers Books in Worthing

And, my goodness, did I feel better afterwards. I hadn’t realised how much I missed exploring for its own sake, going new places and finding new things.

That made me realise that maybe I need to rebalance my time again. As a natural result of the pandemic-driven downturn in my business and the lockdowns, my world had pretty much shrunk to my work, my family and my neighbourhood. It’s not any slight on those three — all of which I love — to say that I clearly need a little more than that in my life right now. 

Perhaps, if I invest a little bit more time in things I enjoy, and in some of my personal projects, I’ll be a lot less vulnerable to bad days in the the day “job”. 

It’s certainly worth a try. 

The beach is going for drama this afternoon.

It’s lovely to see the vegetation sprouting again on the beach — a sure sign that summer is on its way.

Shoreham Beach in spring.Shoreham Beach’s vegetated shingle starting to grow in spring.

So happy to see Apple go back to colour in the post-Ive era.

I think my daughters might be prematurely middle-aged:

Two girls chilling out in camping chairs.

Sometimes it’s amply clear that these are chalk downs:

People climbing up the steps to Cissbury Ring.

There’s a metaphor here about nature and technology…

An overgrown, rusted cable telephone sign in Shoreham-by-Sea

Up and at ‘em early this morning for a last pass on a really interesting research report I’m editing.

Spring really came to Shoreham-by-Sea, yesterday. I took advantage of the lockdown easing to have a bonus lunchtime walk.

A boat floating in the Adur.St Mary de Haura’s east elevation in Shoreham-by-SeaLooking towards East Street from the churchyard of St Mary de Haura.Trees and daffodils in the churchyard of St Mary de Haura.

I do like to get down and dirty with a server once in a while:

Updating Ghost from the terminal

Last night, we finished the last of the Christmas mead — just in time for spring.

This is not the real view from my house - but neither is it a Zoom background…

The Shoreham Harbour pilots’ boat coming back in after meeting a container ship offshore.

The Shoreham Harbour pilot boat

This sign has met a premature end, but I look forward to the day when its ilk are no longer needed.

Finally got a flexible boom arm for my Mevo streaming cam. I’ll have my home training studio just about perfect by the time we go back to training face-to-face!

I’m not saying it’s cold — but here’s a frozen boat we found.

New Year, New Lens

One of my joys during this year of lockdowns and restrictions has been rediscovering photography with a camera, rather than a phone. My trusty Canon M50 has seen a serious workout, as I’ve turned my daily walks into an opportunity to really focus on and capture the peninsula where I live.

I hadn’t been paying much attention to the development of Canon’s M-series of mirrorless cameras over the last few years, but I was becoming slightly frustrated that, with my lens set, I couldn’t easily capture most things with one lens. And when you’re out walking with two children, on the beach, in windy conditions, lens swapping is not always an option. 

And so, I was delighted to find out that there was now an 18 to 150mm lens that would be perfect as an all day lens. But I was less delighted to find out that it sells for nearly £400 — which was more than I can justify right now. 

However, after a couple of weeks eBaying old camera kit I no longer use, I had both more shelf space, and enough money in my PayPal account to pick up a second hand lens on eBay. 

Here are two photos, taken from exactly the same spot, at the extreme edges of its range:


Shoreham through an 18mm Canon M lens


My garden through an 150mm lens

This is great. I’m really looking forwards to putting it through its paces on our daily walk today. 

Not the morning conference(s) I expected to be attending at this point in my career, but it is what it is…

Two girls getting homeschool instructions on iPads.

Team Tinworth lockdown work and homeschooling station for the day.

When you head towards the beach, it’s easy to forget that Shoreham is still very much a working harbour. But a walk up the riverside quickly reminds you that it is. Yesterday, we saw one of the fishing boats bringing in a catch.

A fishing boat in the Adur bringing in a catch.

This bit of boat decoration is cute, unless you’ve seen Toy Story 3, in which case it’s vaguely horrifying…

Buzz Lightyear strapped to the top of a boat.

Low tide on a rainy afternoon is not the most photogenic time in the Quay.

Emerald Quay at low tide in the rain.

Scenes from homeschool:

👧 “What does ‘dour’ mean?” 👱🏻‍♂️ “If only there was some sort of book that listed words alphabetically alongside their meanings.”

A cold and frosty morning on the Beach, and it’s not lifting.

Less than 12 hours to finish a book and meet my reading challenge goal…

Beach life in Tier 4: where better to take your permitted exercise?

Worthing, as seen from Shoreham Beach on a december afternoon.

Oh, do you remember when we used to go to “coffee shops” and other people would make coffee for us?

Kids today wouldn’t believe that.

A restaurant in Île de Ré, from back when I used to travel overseas.

And go to restaurants.

An Île de Ré restuarant in August 2019.

Frost on the roofs this morning. The girls were very excited. The adults, less so.

Frost on Emerald Quay roofs, Shoreham Beach.

Spending far too long looking at video of myself has been one of the major downsides of the pandemic.

Requiem for a lamp

I’m saying “goodbye” to an old friend this morning. For the last 23 years, whenever I’ve been working at my desk, across three different properties, this old, battered lamp has lit my work. Last week — in the middle of a lecture — it finally, catastrophically fell apart.

A broken anglepoise lamp.

I didn’t even choose it. It came into my life because my girlfriend of the time was working at Terry Farrell & Partners, a firm of architects. They were having an office refurb (or was it a move? I can’t recall at this distance) and she grabbed some things that were being thrown out.

She left it behind when she exited my life and, amusingly, my relationship with the lamp has lasted well over ten times longer than my relationship with her… But I’m proud that I’ve used this thing that came my way for so long. This lamp has had over two decades of extra use after it was first consigned to the bin, and in an era when we’re ever more aware of the climatic cost of a throw-away culture, this small choice has proven to be surprisingly satisfying.

Revamped online lecturing and training setup working well. 👍🏻

Hello, Big Sur.

(That sounds like something from a really bad prison movie: “Jim, if you want to survive in here, you need to keep Big Sur happy…”)

The Big Sur login screen.

Met this chap on our beach walk today. Seemed nice enough, but not very talkative.

A figure made of seaweed, driftwood and old sunglasses.

It’s not exactly puzzling why we chose to live here, is it?

There’s something utterly magical to me about beaches in the off season, when it’s just us die hards out there…

Have to say - I wasn’t expecting to be spending time in A&E on the first day of lockdown.

So, lockdown it is, from tonight. I’m very lucky to be living very near to these places. It’s going to be much easier for us than so many others.

Boats on the river Adur. The churchyard of St Mary de Haura.

I walked up into Old Shoreham yesterday, to pick up some things. It’s interesting seeing the traces of the old village concealed within more modern housing.

An Old Shoreham house in Shoreham-by-Sea.

Shoreham Beach, UK / 2020-10-14 / 8.49am

Walking home around the quay after dropping my children at school. I’ve lived here for 10 years, but I’ve never stopped feeling like I’m on holiday the whole time because I’m by the sea. I hope that never changes.

A Day In The Life

On the sofa for the Apple announcements, and my daughters have joined me…

Spending my evening editing the videos of yesterday’s lectures.

I know how to live.

LumaFusion export.

Oh, sweet joy. iOS14 has brought emoji search to the iPhone. 🙌🏼

That URL looks completely legit and I shall be claiming straight away. 🙄

Everything wrong with both Facebook and internet fandom in one screencap.

I’m doing my best to keep the bird feeders topped up today. The sudden cold snap means they’ll be looking for food more urgently - and some of them will be preparing to migrate.

Birds on a suet ball feeder in a West Sussex garden.

Sitting by the sea while my daughter has a socially distanced outdoors Rainbows meeting.

I couldn’t figure out why my mouse wasn’t working this morning, until I turned it over.

Well played, daughters of mine.

The “aircraft engine housing and car wash brushes” look for garden gates is in, in, in, this summer.

The garden of one of the Shoreham Beach houseboats.

In praise of the cloudy summer's day

Fishing boats moored in the Adur

After a week of glorious sunshine and sweltering sunshine, it’s a relief to see clouds overhead again. Oh, it’s still warm, but it’s the lack of sunshine that’s the point. It’s freeing. We’ve been to the beach, and over the river to town. My eldest and I cycled, without becoming sweaty messes. It’s been a lovely day.

Our bikes in the church bike rack

I know this is heretical in a sun-worshipping age, but you can do so much more outside on days like this than in the relentless heat of a sunny day. You can stay out longer, you don’t need to avoid the middle of the day and, most of all, we’re not inundated by half-dressed visitors.

Oh, I know this is very much a first world problem, but our beach gets absolutely bombed when the sun comes out. It’s been far worse this year, as people who are — quite understandably — choosing not to go abroad this year head to the local beach instead. We don’t go to the beach much on sunny days. We’re happy to cede that to others, because we get to use it for the rest of the year. We can swim when there aren’t people messing around in powerboats and jet skis where they shouldn’t be, and can enjoy an autumn or springtime picnic on the beach.

The sun’s gone in. The vistors have stayed at home. And the beach and the river are ours again.


Pandemic pleasures: being at home enough to keep your Hotbin composter at a steady temperature of nearly 60C. 🌱

Lots of people using the slipway behind our house today.

Boaters and SUPers waiting to launch from a slipway.

This sunflower has self-seeded from below our bird feeder. What a lovely surprise.

A sunflower in the back garden.

Sign on the equipment in the local playpark. One day, it’ll be an historical oddity blithely ignored by children for whom it’s an irrelevance.

Roll on that day.

Covid-19 warning sign on childrens' play equipment.

An additional mask, now they’re compulsory in shops.

Adam Tinworth wearing a mask.

We get some surprisingly big ships on this stretch of the river.

My eldest daughter loves performing. She never voluntarily passes up the opportunity to be in the limelight.

I suspect she gets it from her paternal grandmother. Here is my Mum performing in an amateur dramatics production sometime in the early 1960s.

Ann Tinworth acting in an amateur production.Ann Tinworth acting in an amateur production somewhere in north London.Ann Tinworth acting in an amateur dramatic production in the 1960s.

A momento of my old life as a hotel and restaurant journalist.

A Hotelympia commemorative playe from 1996, featuring a Gary Rhodes meal.

It turns out that 1970s and 80s Lego is still exciting to today’s children…

Maltese boats.

Vivid memories from a holiday to Malta very nearly 20 years ago.

Colourful boats in a harbour in Malta.Colourful Maltese boats from autumn 2000.

The view from our back garden in Dollar, Scotland, 30 years ago.

Photo by my late mother.

Looking down at Dollar in 1990, from a house in the High Street.

It is just possible that 1989 Adam was trying a bit too hard.

Malta in early autumn 2000. While the clothes certainly date it, the complete absence of phones is quite remarkable. Just a film camera and a chunky video camera.

Tourists in Malta in autumn 2000.

I am middle-aged enough that I really am very excited about my new compost bin. 🌱

Phew. My MacBook Pro just scrapes into the Big Sur compatibility list.

This time next year I suspect I’ll be choosing between an Apple silicon replacement - or going all in on iPad Pro for mobile computing.

When the Rampion Wind Farm was announced, I was worried about its impact on the feel of the beach.

A few years on, I’ve grown rather fond of it.

A kitesurfer surfing in front of the Rampion Wind Farm.

An old schoolfriend of mine, Nichol Wheatley, has become an accomplished and talented artist. And yet, he remains a lovely bloke. ;)

With art shows on hiatus for obvious Covid-y reasons, he’s having a studio sale - and there’s some stunning stuff in there. Do check it out.

My wife is making two cups of tea - for herself.

This is going to be an interesting day…

The time finally arrived. The lockdown haircut had to happen.

Actually made it to the beach for the first time this week.

I have won the viral apocalypse.

Please send tribute.

Lockdown bank holiday camping.

Yes, that’s our back garden. ⛺️

A small tent in our back garden.

A stunning late afternoon down on Shoreham Beach.

Shoreham Beach, West Sussex on a late May afternoon.

After three mildly stressful days, the results of the PCR jury are in: and I’m clean.

(I was asked to take a test as part of a research study, not because I was symptomatic.)

A UK government text message showing a Covid-19 test result.

That’s about as socially distanced as it gets.

Two girls ealking on a blustery Shoreham Beach.

This fella dropped by while I was lounging in the garden.

Our family lockdown exercise. I love these three so very much.

The Tinworth Family on Shoreham Beach.

I’ve got the perfect background for the next few Zoom meetings.

Very professional, I think.

Evidence, I think, that my daughters are handling this lockdown more productively than me.

The worst of it?

I can’t even eat them. I’m milk intolerant.

Prepping a video for the local church. Not how I expected to be using this kit…

Testing video setups is much harder when you actually have to share your home with the rest of the family while you’re doing so…

Somebody is being far too generous about my linguistic competence.

Seven’s a good age for learning to code in Swift, right?

Here I am in the Stockport Advertiser in July 8th 1976:

The Tinworth family in the Stockport Advertiser in 1976.

Blossom in the garden. Nature’s beauty continues, oblivious to our anxiety. And it is a balm for it, too.

Blossom on a fruit tree in our back garden.

A quick history of technology lesson - now the girls understand why the return key is called the return key.

Computing lessons with Mr Tinworth. The pupils are learning that there’s more to iPads than games.

Highly socially distanced beach walk. Hoping the idiots who are carrying on as normal don’t take that from us as well.

Looks like the whiteboard has arrived - ready to start delivering courses remotely.

All respect to the Debenhams marketing team for giving it everything they’ve got in this moment…

Pleased with this one. The print is long gone - it was in display in a photo cube and was bleached out years ago. The negative was loose in my parents’ junk drawer for decades, and was badly scratched up.

One scan, an hour’s work on retouching, and this is the result:

So. After supper Iris gets down, grumbling a bit. And then sits in the corner assiduously writing.

This is what she hands to me.

“I have just eetn (eaten) the yoyos and I am still hungree”.

4 years old and issuing her first letter of complaint.

I am so proud.

Scanning 126 and 110 format negatives with a Plustek OpticFilm scanner

I’ve been taking photographs for a long time. I was a photographer as a primary school child, using the cheap cameras of the 70s that my parents would buy me. And that means I have a lot of negatives from very long-gone formats. In particular, my earliest photos are on Instamatic film, of the 126 and 110 varieties. You can see examples of both below:

126 and 110 format negatives

I’ve been progressively working my way through my much larger 35mm neg collection, but up until now, I’ve lacked a good way of scanning these older formats. I could scan the photo prints, but some of them are faded, and what’s the point of hanging onto these negs for decades if I’m not going to use them?

I did buy a cheap Veho scanner a couple of years ago that claimed to be able to do scan the negs, but the results were not good. I knew I could get better results from these negatives. I was contemplating sending them off for professional scanning, but the quality of the photos, in many cases, did not seem to justify the cost. Surely there must be a way I could use my existing film scanner?

Thankfully, when searching around the subject, I found a supplier of negative adapters for a variety of film scanner brands, including the Plustek OpticFilm model I use.

My Plustek OpticFilm 8200i

I put in an order, and waited impatiently for 10 day until they arrived. (They were shipped from the west coast of the US.) Here they are:

3d Printed neagtive adators for a scanner

My scanning setup

I scan using VueScan software on my Mac. It is also available for Windows.

I put the scans into cloud storage, and then edit on my iPad Pro, using a mix of tools. I start with Pixelmator Photo for tweaking colour, levels and so on. I then clean up the dust and scratches using the healing brush in the iPad version of Adobe Photoshop. I used to do both stages in Pixelmator Photo, but I recently discovered that Photoshop’s healing tool works much faster, saving me significant amounts of time.

126 film scanning

Scanning 126 film

Here’s some early results from the 126 film:

Mum & I in Venice in the 1980s

Mum & Dad in Venice in the 80s

Me and my parents in the Pula Arena, in 1980s Yugoslavia

110 film scanning

110 film scanning

And a first example of 110 film:

Me, on in a swimming pool, on holiday in Minorca in the 1980s

None of these are great photos. But they’re some of the only images I have from this period of my life, and so it’s great to have access to them digitally, at last.

A London hairdresser marketing its way through Coronavirus.

A chalkboard alliding to covid-19 precautions and impacts.

Cleaning up negative scans in Photoshop on my iPad is quite soothing.

Well, the course I was running today may have been cancelled (yes, Coronavirus-related), but the view early this morning on the way to the station was lovely…

Well, the panic buying is clearly still happening. This is Waitrose in Worthing a few hours ago - toilet paper and paracetamol sold out.

Post-Nature Tots babychino from the Woods Mill café.

Spectacular sunset as storm clouds approached this evening.

I was doing some site analysis for a client, when it occurred to me that I’d never registered my account for search console, or anything like that. So I did. And then I ran it through Page Speed Insights.

Well played, @manton. Well played indeed.

A day of exploring with my girls. Making progress on a long walk.

The girls appear unimpressed by my efforts to get them to go for a walk in the face of Storm Dennis

Actually getting out of the house to work – it’s far too rare at the moment.

After Ciara

This was the garden at 8am this morning, after the worst of Storm Ciara had passed:

Garden mess after storm ciara

Not too bad, although things aren’t looking great for the potted Christmas tree.

I was planning to sort this out around lunchtime, as a work break. But I ended up legging it to my daughter’s school in a hurry, to take her her water bottle before she went into class. And, as I had my coat and boots on anyway,…

Tidying in the storm's wake

20 minutes of quick tidying (and refilling the bird feeders) later:

My garden, tidied after Storm Ciara

We got off lightly, despite being in a coastal AND river location. We’re pretty luck about how sheltered we are from weather coming off the sea. (Gales blowing down off the Downs and along the Audr are a different matter entirely). In fact, much of the Quay is looking surprisingly tidy, and many of out neighhbours have been out sweeping and tidying. All very minor.

Others have not been so lucky.

Beach plant.

Plant on Shoreham Beach

One of the nice things about Shoreham Beach is that, as a protected and rare habitat, we get a good range of plant life, even in winter.

I’ve never come across any device that’s better for writing on than an iPad. There might be a big ass Mac behind it, but the wee iPad is perfect for squeezing words out of my brain.

Took a riverside walk today. It’s a good reminder that Shoreham-by-Sea is still very much a working port.

Fishing boats moored in the Adur.

There’s a slug on the kitchen window this morning. Our kitchen is in the first floor. I can’t decide if this slug is ambitious or has had a lucky escape from a bird…

I’ve reached my daily reading goal on Apple Books. I’m using it to try to push myself to spend more time reading long-form, and not just articles on the web.

I have reached the point in coffee fussiness where, after being disappointed with a coffee when brewed with Aeropress, I switched to a different brew method - and really enjoyed that coffee.

There’s no hope for me now.

Brewing coffee with a V60

I found my parents’ old tree angel, so she’s back in service after a decade off.

Frost hit last night. I think autumn is done and winter is here. ❄️

Lovely Autumn day in Shoreham-by-Sea - between the rain, at least.

Fingers crossed that I am on the final stage of a difficult evening, and will be home for a whisky and bed within the hour. Literally my entire evening wasted on queuing and travelling.

The number 2 bus from Shoreham to Steyning.

My top artists on Apple Music in 2019.

I’m not a raging brony. It’s my daughters.


Yo dawg we heard you like Moodle so we put some Moodle in your Moodle so you can Moodle while you Moodle.

Beautiful Remembrance service at Church of the Good Shepherd this morning. The two minutes’ silence with the waves crashing on the beach is always moving.

Such a beautiful crisp, autumn morning, with a lovely “after the storm” feel.

Early start to London. Not what you’d call busy at the station.

Woods Mill this morning. Although autumn was clearly in the air, you wouldn’t know it from this photo.

Not often I look back on conference food with affection - but the NEXT conference lunch bowls were epic:

Treating myself to a nice aeropress coffee after my wet and windy walk. ☕️

It’s been a long time since these two shared a spot in my dock together.

Don’t look now folks, but I think autumn might be here…

A day when I find a new pretentious coffee shop is always a good day.

Small Batch Coffee in Worthing.

So, the reason for my silence here over the last couple of weeks was that I was holidaying in a nearly bandwidth-free place.

And it was lovely. Just taking a first pass through the photos now.

View from a seaside villa in La Flotte, Île de Ré, France.

Pub sign angles are a surprisingly good guide as to how windy the day is…

The garden was in fine form today, in the few moments I could steal away from work.

I hit my daily Move goal for the 1,000th time. Result.

One thing I’ve learnt about myself in recent years is that things like Apple Watch straps and GoPro sleeves (like this one) make me disproportionately happy compared to their cost - as long as the material and colour are right.

Very happy with this one.

Practicing the art of productive procrastination, by tidying up my Ulysses app.

I think my authorised app connections to Flickr need some updating… (iPhoto 2??)

I do love the feel of the new “grove” style Apple Stores.

the Apple Store on London's Regent Street.

Listening to Andy’s 20 year journey at the Flock event in Shoreham-by-Sea.

Oh, DJI. I’m not sure encouraging non-consensual voyerism is the right way to sell your products…

A screenshot from the DJI app, envvouraging readers to share amourous moments they've captured…

Many PostIts died to bring us this strategy…

It’s all glamour in the consultancy business, I can tell you…

I have a suspicion that a child may have used this seat before me…

Here’s one from the archives - that’s me on the left, taking a photo of the chief scout, during the 75th anniversary of scouting celebrations in 1982.

Seeing this magazine on sale in my local newsagent is odd. I associate it so strongly with my Mum and my childhood, it seems almost incomprehensible that it’s still going so long after she died. A silly reaction, I know.

Just preparing my notes from this morning’s Digital News Report 2019 launch event for publication - how refreshing to have an all-female panel at a journalism event:

I find upgrading firmware on devices a surprisingly satisfying process.

Nice to be heading up London late enough to drop a bag off at the charity shop and get a coffee from Tom Foolery.

Of all the things to find, a shopping list from my Mum, who has been gone over a decade:

Working on a Friday, unusually, due to a day swap with my wife. Throughly dreich out there today, so working seems better…

Those elongated ovals from the new version of the TV app seem to be a major design trend in iOS13.

Nice view as I crossed the bridge this evening.

View towards New Shoreham and the South Downs from the Adur Ferry Bridge.

Extinction Rebellion die in at the Shoreham by Sea farmers market.

I love this photo of Iris in the woods from yesterday.

Working on old negative scans does make me miss the grain and texture of film photography - but I really don’t have the time to indulge in it any more.

Fascinating how much cars date photos, even after “just” 15 years.

And here’s the final image of Adam, a sculpture at the Eden Project, shot back in Spring 2004.

There was a lot of construction work still happened at the Eden Project back in 2004. I loved these art plants that part screened the construction. Nice hard hat fruit.

Woe betide any pony that fails to perform to the expectations of Iris.

May not have thought relative mug and scanner positioning through properly…

My coffee mug being knocked by my film scanner

Wow. Early 2010s-era One Man & His Blog. In many ways, the “classic” era of the site…

One Man & His Blog in 2011

Bittersweet memories of 1999

Scanning colour negatives in Vuescan on a Mac.


The current batch of negatives I’m scanning right now really capture a moment in time. They must be from 1999, one of the more significant years in my life - and 20 years ago, almost exactly.

The first few photographs are of the woman who was soon to be my ex-girlfriend in the flat we shared (and, honestly, the coming storm was written all over her face in those images), while the next batch were of a party at the flat of the woman who is now my wife.

Those really were a few months that changed my life forever, and in ways that were only good.

However, the deep sadness is that one person in those images is no longer with us, passing too, too young.

Plenty of pain in those images and the memories they evoke - but also joy. I wouldn’t surrender either.

10 Mothers’ Day without you, Mum. Still missing you.

Just spent 8 hours in this room with a great bunch of journalists and communication pros, talking editorial analytics. I really enjoyed it. I hope they did, too.

The Southwark Room at The Bridge after a day's training.

My daughters have very carefully, precisely and secretively placed 10p coins under their chairs. I love them, but sometimes they are very sinister.

Oh, dear. When did I enter that demographic?

Thanks, Facebook.

The “Revoke Article 50” petition is closing in on ¾ of a million, and gaining about 3k signatures per minute.

Joining the rest of my family in marking World Down Syndrome day:

This makes me very nostalgic for an earlier era of Apple.

Rainbow Apple logo on the shutters of a shop in Islington, London

My new pride and joy

This is my new pride and joy.

A year or so a switch flipped in my head. The more I watched vegetable trimmings, teabags and coffee grounds go into our bin, the more bothered I became about it. Those were good resources, resources a damaged planet badly needs, and we were locking them away for centuries or more in capped landfill sites.

I hated it.

Our council doesn’t offer kitchen waste recycling, so the only option open to me was home composting. My wife took some persuading, but a few months ago, with agreement, I ordered myself a beehive composter, and for the last two weeks it’s been sitting in the back garden, happily accepting anything I throw its way.

Compost n00b

I’m a novice - I know I am. I’ve only had a composter once before, back when I lived in Lewisham. But the garden there was not what you’d call accessible. It was down two flights of stairs, once you were out of the front door - and then up another flight of stairs. And to get to those you had to escape the back door, which was heavily bolted. I always assumed it was that way due to break-ins before i moved in, but I never found out. But those bots sure as hell slowed me down.

Now, my new composter is just outside the back door, and there’s so much more fun to be had. (Yes, fun. Don’t @ me.)

There’s so much more to compost than there used to be. For example, Waitrose have just started sending their organic bananas out in compostable bags. Magazines are arriving in similar bags. Even my local coffee shop is providing compostable coffee cups and lids. In they all go.

Yes, this is fun. I’m looking forward to turning over the compost in a month or so. I’m looking forwards to watching how effective all these compostable materials are. I spend so much of my life in front of glowing screens, something like this is just such a refreshing change. And, let’s face it, with the state of the planet, every single change like this we make helps, just a little.

I had awesome wallpaper as a child. (That’s not me - it’s a school friend).

Stephen Kent in my childhood bedroom, with Star Wars wallpaper.

Love the cover of the latest @standartmag by @grigorybabich. Stunning work.

The Adventures of Rapunzel and Mildred Hubble. #worldbookday #worldbookday2019

We really didn’t spend long on our customary Sunday beach walk today. Storm Freya is battering the UK and, while we’re on the edge of it, my three year old was still in danger of being blown away…

Bit of a token clean today as the girls were in danger of being blown off the beach by storm Freya. #2minutebeachclean

Iris made a nest at #naturetots #sussexwildlifetrust

I preserve the secrets of @nextconf by making my notes basically illegible to anyone but me.

Word of the day, courtesy of an @ernestjournal back issue… slubberdegullion is official part of my word hoard now.

I have a Brydge keyboard for my trusty old 9.7 inch iPad Pro and I suddenly have my perfect on-the-go device.

Coffee Break

Edgcumbes Coffee Roasters & Tea Blenders.

A coffee break in a great wee coffee place on the outskirts of Arundel. There’s some great coffee in Sussex.

Lessons from two months of #2minutebeachclean

For the last couple of months, my daughters and I have been doing a #2minutebeachclean pretty much every Sunday - concentrating on the same small patch of the beach.

While it’s been delightful spending the time by the sea, playing with the girls, and watching them become more aware of their environment, the sheer volume of plastics we’re pulling out of that small patch of the beach is depressing.

It’s been a case of not really realising the depth of a problem until you stare it in the face — and it’s making me think about all the purchasing decisions I make, but also what else we can do as a family to help turn this around.

What have we done?

Still can’t quite believe that I turned down the chance to work on this beauty - but it was the right decision at that time of my life.


First signs of spring. (Which means it’ll be snowing within the month…)

Despite the cold, it’s a really lovely day here on the coast.

Shoreham may be blessed with one of the best library views out there.

The latest issue of @anxymag is here - all about masculinity. Time for a coffee and a read.

One that required a bit of focus, but not too much. Bring on next month’s #AppleWatch challenge.

No wonder my chair was uncomfortable - I’ve been sitting on this for the last hour:

Gorgeous day on Shoreham Beach. The sun is counteracting the cold nicely.

It’s been a stressful week, but the view from my office window is incredibly calming today.

I can also see a meaningful boat out of the window. There may be a meaningful oat on the floor, after my daughter dropped her porridge this morning.

Fresh out of the film scanner: my late father and I in the mid-90s. Still miss him.

Grabbed the opportunity for a quick beach walk this afternoon. The beach is very much in winter mode, biding its time before it bursts into spring colour in a few months.

A pre-New Year party for the little ones with some wonderful neighbours. Perfect way to end the year.

Well, this year was all about the Shoreham-by-Sea landscapes… #topnine2018 #topnine #bestnine2018

The children are less enthused by this stage of the meal preparation…

Prepping Christmas Dinner while watching the Countryfile Christmas Special. Because, yes, I am middle aged and middle class.

Free audiobooks from Apple

Well, this is a great Christmas gift:

Apple Books has published six exclusive audiobooks this week, showcasing six great first listen titles read by celebrity narrators. The books themselves are all public domain works from Pride and Prejudice to Winnie the Pooh, recorded by Apple and released in the Book Store for free.

If you have an iDevice of some sort, these are well worth grabbing. The narrators include Karen Gillen (Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Kate Beckinsale. (Underworld series, etc).

Strong and stable. Spoiled for stabilised filming right now - working in some tests for my blog.

Early Christmas present to myself. Uh, I mean to my work. Uh, yes, my work. That’s it. cough.

Not what you want to see outside your favourite coffee shop in the morning…

The new @blogosphere_magazine is here, so I’ve done a tasteful #influencer style shot to celebrate. 😇 #blogospheremagazine #bloggers

Stunning Autumn morning

Walking Iris to nursery was a genuine pleasure this morning - it’s just an incredible day. Cold, but clear and bright, with a wonderful quality of light.

One of the interesting aspects of consultancy life is getting small spells in a whole range of offices. You assume that all offices are basically the same, but that really isn’t the case. And it’s fascinating.

My downtime on ghost(pro) last month… …didn’t exist. For the third month running.

Nice work, @tryghost team.

I feel this e-mail subject line is unlikely to be bettered today:

While I do still love a good paper book, there are times that digital books are just so much more useful, especially in non-fiction.

Old Toys

I’m slightly concerned that I appear to have grown up in the last few years. Despite the exciting and shiny new iPad Pros released last week, I’m still more than happy with my 2 plus year old iPad Pro 9.7. It does everything I need it to. And my MacBook Pro is around five years old, and I’m not planning on replacing that either. What has happened to me? I used to be a “twitchy after two years” guy.

MediaGazer is really good at inflating my ego in a really unearned way, by putting me in some amazing company:

I need to have words with my teenage self about keeping negatives clean.

Here’s my incredibly sophisticated micro casting set-up, using Wavelength on my phone…

Over a decade since my first download from the App Store. Not much use now.

Our back garden tree is handling the daily countdown to winter admirably.

My contribution to the digital fix debate is out in print… …in German.

Blogging is dead…

…unless you’re in fashion, where you’re influential enough to appear in marketing emails.

Firing up Final Cut Pro, and seeing if my aging Mac can actually handle some 4k with decent proxy media settings.

Barbados, late 2011

I’ve just been pottering around editing some old photos, from our last pre-children holiday. Two days after I got back, my life changed forever in two ways: we agreed to buy a house, and I realised that my time at my old employer was up. I was figuring out what to do next, and so these photos have never had the attention they deserve.

I’m enjoying coming back to them with seven years’ distance.

The still Caribbean

Boating off Barbados

Sunset over the villa's pool

The wild, wild East coast

I used to shoot a lot more landscapes back then…

Feeling guilty about accidentally leaving my reusable coffee cup behind.

Why do I aim to be at the station soon after 7am, when I don’t start lecturing until 11am? This is why:

Working in MacOS Mohave’s dark mode. Interesting - will take a while to get used to (if I stick with it).

Rolled up foam for chairs. Interesting. (Haven’t dared try one yet.)

The babychino basked in the afternoon sun, blissfully unaware that a predator was about to pounce…

I spent ages earlier looking for my green screen cleaning cloth.

I just found it.

Villiers Street, London - 1994

I’ve been scanning some old negatives in a pretty random way - just grab a packet and scan whatever’s in there.

This particular film was shot in late 1994, or early 1995, when I was working on The Publican, a now-gone magazine for the pub trade. I think the last 10 or 12 photos are why the film exists. They’re of a cellarman course I went on as part of my job. I appear to have “burned off” the rest of the film by shooting a load of random images around Charing Cross.

And they’re fascinating. On one level, you realise how little structure of these streets has changed in a little under 25 years. But the clothes, vehicles and branding on the shops is what gives away just how long ago this was.

Pre-school shoe fitting. Hazel needs new school and casual shoes. 💰🙄 (grumpy Dad mode in full effect.) 😂

Testing my original tent from 22 years ago! It’s not been used for 8 years, but is still in good nick. Need a little re-waterproofing of the fly, and then the girls can use it.

Camp life. #camping #newforest #campingintheforest #ashurst #outwell


(Doing a first pass on the photos from our camping holiday).

Amazing weather for a day at @springbarnfarm - not too hot, not too cold and some dramatic skies!

Enjoying my copy of @standartmag #nobodybuysbooks and my winner collectors card

Not getting on the wrong side of Iris if I can help it…

My little ninja’s successful first test. New belt!

Is Apple doing away with its in-built book printing services? Did I miss an announcement?

A place in the shade, an espresso, an iPad and my daughter’s Rainbows troop in the distance. Good living. 👌🏻

That was a long time ago. The book is browning at the edges…

Good morning. Hard at work in my favourite coffee shop.

The sheer hell of living here on a day like today… 😇

Down by the coast is the best place to be in this heat.

One micro-blog account, twice. A seemingly irresolvable issue.

I’m a bit at a loss as to what to do with my account here. Due to some weirdness, I’m paying for it twice, once as a blog only account, once as a blog+podcast account.

It’s more than just the cash, though, it’s also the fact that I essentially have two accounts under the same name, each building up their own (separate but overlapping) sets of content.

My tickets to support are going unanswered.

I enjoy, but not so much that I’m happy to pay twice for one service, which is what’s happening now. And meanwhile, every time I post, I don’t know which content bucket it’s going to end up in. So the pain of untangling the situation gets worse - and that makes me really reluctant to post.

I suspect my only solution now is to backup both accounts, nuke one of them, and try to figure out which one went, and import that one’s back up.

Wish me luck.

If you ever hear from me again.

Astonishing to think this space tech is 19 years old now…

Not sure this is a great message for the future of the journalism business…

I have to confess, I paid basically zero attention to the royal wedding in the build up to it. But seeing the royals give a hearty two fingers to the racists we’ve seen rise post-Brexit?

I’m ready for the flood defence works to be finished now. (I’m grateful and all, but…)

Having fun doing my homework

The last five weeks or so have seen me away from home on business more than I’ve ever been before. I’ve been to Europe, the middle east, America and various parts of the UK. It’s been fun, and rewarding both professionally and financially.

However, it’s also been exhausting, and left me well behind on my e-mail. With that comes little problems like not getting new work booked in, and not keeping up with my invoicing.

I’ve blocked out this week for working from home in Shoreham-by-Sea, and this morning has been a rare block of time sat at my own desk, in my own home office, getting stuff done. As I sat down at 9.30am this morning, I had 450 e-mails in my inbox. That’s down to a manageable 40 now.

Having 3.5 days ahead of me to just get work done without any travelling on the agenda is a blessed relief. I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying being in Shoreham. And I’m enjoying being productive.

Gosh, look at all the women in Facebook’s reorg…that aren’t there.

Beach Life

The sun is actually out for a Bank Holiday weekend, so we made the arduous five minutes‘ walk to the beach for a little relaxation.

A shellfull on the beach today. 🐚 🐚 🐚

And exactly how am I meant to do that on a plane?

Possible epic RickRoll in my near future. #ifswoco18

Probably not worth worrying about on the last day of the month.

I really love portrait mode on the iPhone X. It lifts ordinary snapshots into something quite special.

The thing I loved about Saturday’s education protest is that it wasn’t the normal suspects, but angry parents and children exercising their rights to protest.

Just another Saturday afternoon protesting school funding cuts.

Well, that does look like we’re having a heatwave, doesn’t it?

First pub garden opportunity of the year. ☀️ 🍺

British Airways Boeing 787 for the night flight home.

Sometimes hotel corridors look marvellously sinister:

On a @british_airways @boeing 787 from Abu Dhabi. Premium economy for the night flight.

You can’t beat moody lighting and flowers in a hotel reception, can you?

I love this piece of art in the courtyard at the University of Maastricht.

All Change

Chasing at Liège-Guillemins Railway Station in my way to Maastricht. I love the mix of classic 70s orange on the train, and cool white modernism in the station itself.

Easter Adur-side Pub Walk

For the first time in what seems like weeks we had some lovely weather yesterday. I grabbed the opportunity to walk with the girls up the Adur, on the riverside walk which is temporarily open during a lull in the flood defences work.

We had a really lovely lunch at the refurbished Amsterdam pub. Once the river walk is permanently open again. I foresee us doing this a lot more often.

Flood defences going in behind Riverside Road. #shorehambeach #shorehambysea

Got the wok out and did a stir fry for the first time in an age. Thankfully, the girls ate it…

Open RSS reader. First screen is mainly obvious April Fools. Close RSS reader.

Editing photos from last summer is making me excited for this summer’s return to France.

End of a long day. Tom Foolery pit stop on the way home. ☕️

The App Store appears to be quite unwell this evening.

I find cooking the traditional Sunday roast a meditative experience. It really helps me unwind.

Upping our feeding game here in team 10, @zgarbz 😛

Haze bounced back enough to go to her class - and the first step towards her green belt:

Talking of change l finally found the time for a much-needed haircut this morning…

The tracks that will make life hard for Southern commuters tomorrow.

This is why I’m in London on a Sunday Evening. Running a course tomorrow, and that looks like enough for Southern to start getting twitchy about running trains…

Sometimes, I forget how lucky I am to live somewhere where I can take photos like this from my home office window.

Oh, a lovely, tiny kickstarted type nerd joy has arrived:

Bad instagrammer leaves it a bit late to photograph his coffee.

The Adur, 6.45am

I was early enough out of the house this morning that I had time to pause on the Adur Ferry Bridge and grab some images.

It’s nice to be doing that walk in the early dawn light, rather than in the dark. Spring will be here soon…

The snow’s back, but not really settling too badly.

Nice to see Nosy Crow featured in the App Store today - I spoke at their conference a few years ago.

I love the fact my @fieldnotesbrand notebooks are always a mix of my work notes and my daughter’s writing practice.

Got up to London super early today in case of snow problems. Thus I had nearly two hours in a café to catch up on work. Really nice.

It was a chilly, snowy sunrise at #shorehambysea station this morning.

Typical commuter trying to exert dominance by progressively pushing his MacBook Pro forwards.

Kinda looking forwards to these flood defence works behind the house being done now.

I really was lucky to grow up in such a breathtaking place…

Cleaning up some scans of old, damaged slides. This is a mid-80s fencing competition in Scotland.

Another view of Shoreham by Sea, one that might disappear soon.

Here’s an unusual view of #shorehambeach from #shorehambysea

Surprisingly fun lecture today - possibly because had a lower turnout than normal - but really engaged, enthusiastic students.

Twilight in the churchyard. #shorehambysea #sussex #churches #churchyard

Good morning. #amblogging (h/t to @danblank for doing his version of this every day…)

I imagine purgatory is much like Hayward’s Heath station at 9pm on a Wednesday.

I imagine purgatory is much like Hayward’s Heath station at 9pm on a Wednesday.

The rather deadly looking meeting rooom art that’s been hanging over @nchanglin’s head all day.

Not a filter. Anti-solar gain dots on the windows of the building.

Iris modelling for me. Want to know what this is about? Link in bio! 😇

The big iPad Pro has become my favourite way of working in surprisingly short order. I’m only turning to the laptop when I really need it now.

Walker on the beach. #shorehambysea #shorehambeach #beachlife #beachwalk

Out playing with their Christmas brollies in the British weather…

Here’s my #2017bestnine - India, Ilé de Re, branding, a watch strap, Hazel in and lots of #shorehambysea landscapes

Popped downstairs from my home office to see tree decoration in progress…

I fear Iris may have inherited the mad scientist gene from her mother…

Christingle night: children and fire, always a popular combo… 🔥

The iPhone X really does do much better in low light than its predecessors.

So, doing that B&W challenge thing that’s doing the rounds on FBook:

Sometimes it feel like nothing changes around here. And sometimes it feels like everything changes…

It’s that time of the #Interhacktives year again… (h/t to @neilperkin for introducing me to this…)

That moment when you discover the only reward you get for a bunch of hard volunteer work -credit - has gone to someone else across a year’s worth of work. 😡

Found a clue as to why Condé Nast is closing the print Glamour…

Farewell, Hamburg. It’s been fun. #next17 is done. Can’t wait for #next18

Ah. @nextconf and @reeperbahn_festival - two great tastes that go together so well… #next17

Bellingmug for being part of the #bellingcat crowdfunding. #journalism

Ice cream and adventure; it’s what the summer holidays are all about.

Nice to be home and enjoying ☕️ at

Privée. #France #laflotte #door #sign #îlederé #iledere #latergram #travel #travelblog

This may be the worst sign in the world. #coffee #latergram #îlederé

Social video training for @journalismnews’s @newsrewired + package… 🎥

Beach Dreamin’ - ready to take my girls on the @beachdreamsfestival parade…

Some fun bits of history on a client’s walls…

Supporting #pride in a subtle way today. The limited edition #applewatch Pride band is just lovely.

However will I cope with the endless misery of business trips?

Non-training, non-travel day - so a chance for a leisurely #breakfast.

Always good to start the day with a little light adulting:

One of our @insectlore butterflies stopping to say goodbye to Iris as it leaves.

New evidence emerges of the real reason for the dinosaurs’ extinction… 🍺

This really is a beautiful beach. People under-estimate the beauty of a shingle beach.

Sometimes, London, you’re unexpectedly weird.

Hazel is here, and would like to discuss kicking your butt. 🙂

Enjoying’s @horshamcoffee in the woods…

A single sign that’ll make you glad you’re a grown-up.

End of a lovely day at @springbarnfarm. Lambs and bouncy cushions and swings and sandpits and lunch and soft play mean two very tired children. 😉☀️ 🐑

-6c in the hotel car park this morning. Nice ice effect on the car, though. ❄️

Chilly morning down by the Adur in Shoreham #shorehambysea #shorehambeach

I have been permitted entry to my brother’s hallowed wine cellar…

Apparently it’s all about the landscapes. And me, when I was young, centuries ago. #2016bestnine #best92016

Aldgate East is not what I remember. Admittedly, that was 20 years ago.

We really have to do something about the #pokemon infestation in this house.

Something different about Hazel today. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

2nd Autumn for Iris. The first where she can really enjoy leaves.

THE place to be in Shoreham on a Friday night - if you’re four.

German supermarkets are more exciting than British ones. Apparently.

Suffering the standard Southern Rail thwarted anticipation. #southernfail

The city, never sleeping. #newyork #manhattan #latergram

I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien, I’m an Englishman in New York…

I’m looking forwards to hearing Pidgey’s thoughts on social video at #newsrw

Yes, yes, I am compensating. Thanks for asking.

Suited and booted on my way to the @solarteamgb launch.

Nothing like gravy with home-grown rosemary and thyme. #cooking #sundayroast

It’s the #octonauts early 90s #Bitcam edition…

Dramatic skies over the church. #shorehambysea

Tom Foolin’ (and posting this using the new iOS share sheet, not the app…)

Friday night, down the pub with these two reprobates.

“You are a good blade. I shall bathe you in the blood of my enemies.”

There are eight different ways I can kill you with this, Daddy, unless you provide chocolate cake.

Morning conference with my office mates. #homeoffice #legominifigures #smurf

A little catchup reading… #blogging #bloggers #ukbloggers #ukblogger #blogospheremagazine

Reach for the sky. #cranes #construction #building #architecture

Beach life. #shorehambysea #shorehambeach

Hmmm. Cover lines of @blogosphere_magazine #blogging #bloggers

Iris and I partied out on Christmas Day. (Photo from my sister-in-law.)

My room in Lewisham circa 1994. #MacLCII #applemac #lewisham #1990s

Always nice to carry a touch of Shoreham into London with me.

The clouds doing drama again… #shorehambysea #shorehambeach

That’s what I call an evening… #shorehambysea #shoreham #sunset #twilight

A little night #blogging listening to Simple Minds on #applemusic

Hazel prepares to face Storm Imogen (or Immy, as it’s known in this house)

Finishing the day with an espresso #dorasdaysout

Dora doing some digital strategy at @brilliantnoise #dorasdaysout

The #woods await. #misty #sussex #devilsdyke #forest #latergram

On my way to teach the #interhacktives. It is (a) too early and (b) too cold

Daddy legs proving useful in avoiding bumps for a new sitter…

Gorgeous light after the rain this morning. #latergram #shorehambysea #shoreham

Coffee and a new Apple Watch strap. A very satisfactory Christmas so far…

Looking lovely and Christmassy in my favourite coffee shop,

Those glorious 15 minutes between finishing your chores in town and collecting your daughter from nursery.

The moment you realise you’ve been wearing this sticker all through a day-long training course.

Not sure the spirit measures are seeing as much use as they should…

Headcorn. The name shouldn’t make me laugh - but it does. 🌚

A brief visit to Brighton, concluded. I can’t believe how little time I spend here at the moment. Need to fix that.

Beyond decadent and into bourgeois with my train this morning.

Here’s a coffee shop that knows how to treat its customers right…

Candles from the Bridge of Lights, remembering the dead of the Shoreham Aircrash

This is what a journalism department looks like in Singapore…

Swapping SIMs - because the idea of being offline is unsustainable. 😎

Turns out that the airport café is a distracting place…

Ladies and gentlemen, the design stylings of Mr @dnhydn - devoted to the service of two nearly 3 year olds…

Heaven is lying next to your sleeping baby daughter on a rug in the garden, under a gazebo and letting a Saturday summer afternoon drift by.

Just time for a cheeky #espresso before collecting Hazel. #shorehambysea

Mighty sky giraffe judges your sin…. #beachdreams #shorehambysea #shorehambeach

Warning: Canard hookers #beachdreams #shorehambeach #shorehambysea

11 year old iPod mini - still working. #iPod #ipodmini #apple

Tell me, friends. Would I make a good hipster?

Evening beach walk #shorehambeach #shorehambysea #beach #boardwalk #latergram #twilight

Evening in the churchyard. #shorehambysea #trees #shadow

Still and misty this morning on the bridge, as I head up to London for the second last time pre-baby.

Hazel is doing Instagram, while we wait for Sammy the Seahorse. This is her photo.

Getting ready for #odcamp day 2 - by mainlining #coffee (art by @drawnalism)

06.35 hours. What does the “0” stand for? 0h my God, it’s early. “Early” for me is now “out of the house before Hazel wakes”.

Made with @instaweatherpro Free App! #instaweather #instaweatherpro #weather #wx #shorehambysea #unitedkingdom #day #winter #cold #gb

Sometimes toddler play looks indistinguishable from a horror movie.

Winning awards for coffee, not modesty, in #shorehambysea #coffee #tomfoolery

Inspired by @masakepic, here’s dawn light over #emeraldquay in #shorehambysea on #tuesday. #lookup

Dora the Explorer… (Hazel’s toy has come to work with me today)

Cheating on @smallbatchcc and feeling dirty. #whathappensinlondonstaysinlondon #beancheat

I confess: the code for Poitiers airport always makes me snigger…

Lunchtime treat now my toddler is sleeping…

Hazel’s getting the hang of this coffee grinding malarkey…

Hazel’s breakfast (first course) #fruit #food #breakfast

I’ve nicked something from @neilperkin to use with the #interhacktives :-)

It’s before 9am and I’m taking photos of a #pub. What does this say about my life?

Night flight to Venus. No, wait, it’s Gatwick. Never mind. #easyjet

Sweaty, slightly drunk ma’n who keeps bashing his Thinkpad against my MacBook Pro in an aggressive way…

Coffee and calls #starbucks #phone #mobile #bluedress #landcam

Looking up. #tree #leaves #summer #sun #blueskies

Finally found a use for my #hellokitty pen (a joke birthday present) #analogcamera

In the Kebab & Calculator for dinner… #youngones

Keynote speaker @peterjamesuk talking peers, queers and racketeers at #brightonsummit

Keeping warm… #stove #winter #Hipstamatic #Americana #BlankoFreedom13 #RedEyeGel

I think this is meant to be reassuring, but it comes across as a touch sinister…

Room with a green roof view #hotellife (in response to @lloydadavis)

At a fantastic #LikeMinds discussion about the connected culture and its consequences…

I suspect the post-lunch audience may be “relaxed” for @cpev’s #bdmf12 session

Fussy coffee making methods FT #Hipstamatic #Wonder #W40 #RedEyeGel

Storage upon storage… #Hipstamatic #Wonder #W40 #RedEyeGel

Chilling in the living room, with a cool breeze in from the balcony.

Some people say that waiting is the sensible thing. Not I. #mountainlion

Moored in the #quay - #boats #sailing #adur #shoreham-by-sea

I guess I haven’t worn this jacket since Berlin…

Down at the yacht club #boat #prow #yacht #green #instagood

Back when I lived in the East End 20 years ago, this was unimaginable…

Batter begins… #sunday #roast #cooking #Hipstamatic #HelgaViking #Inas1969

‘ere, Barry, think we got enough flags? #london #jubilee #flag #flags #unionjack #unionflag #coventgarden #instagood