Took a riverside walk today. It’s a good reminder that Shoreham-by-Sea is still very much a working port.

Fishing boats moored in the Adur.

Sunset on the Adur.

Lovely morning down by the Adur.

Adur sunset

Sunset viewed from the Adur Ferry Bridge

Lovely morning down by the Adur as I walked home this morning.

Boats on the Adur

Boats moored in the River Adur between Shoreham-by-Sea and Shoreham Beach

Nice view as I crossed the bridge this evening.

View towards New Shoreham and the South Downs from the Adur Ferry Bridge.

Stunning evening down by the Adur.

Evening light on boats in the river Adur

Fog is making the Adur impressionistic today.

Down by the Adur.

(Boxing Day walk)

Easter Adur-side Pub Walk

For the first time in what seems like weeks we had some lovely weather yesterday. I grabbed the opportunity to walk with the girls up the Adur, on the riverside walk which is temporarily open during a lull in the flood defences work.

We had a really lovely lunch at the refurbished Amsterdam pub. Once the river walk is permanently open again. I foresee us doing this a lot more often.

The Adur, 6.45am

I was early enough out of the house this morning that I had time to pause on the Adur Ferry Bridge and grab some images.

It’s nice to be doing that walk in the early dawn light, rather than in the dark. Spring will be here soon…

What a morning. #shorehambysea #riveradur

Adur sunset. 🌅

Storm tossed seaweed floating upriver in the Adur.

Adur, afternoon

Chilly morning down by the Adur in Shoreham #shorehambysea #shorehambeach

Moody morning on the Adur

Adur drama.

Adur afternoon #shorehambysea

Lovely #sunset on the #Adur with #shoreham in the background.

Oops. #boat #sunk #adur #shoreham

Evening over the Adur #nofilter #sussex #shoreham

Evening on the Adur

Stormy Adur