Something rather lovely has just arrived: The Secret History of Mac Gaming.

I backed this an age ago on Unbound, and it’s great to have it in my hands after 18 months. Looking forward to diving in over the weekend…

Why did the chicken cross the road? DHL couldn’t deliver it.

Drop it, Hide it, Lose it:

Apparently, DHL isn’t satisfied with simply failing to deliver chickens to their finger lickin’ good customer: a report from the Guardian suggests that, thanks to an Olympic level of incompetence on the part of the courier, chickens destined for the UK’s KFC restaurants may have to be thrown out.

Is the dream of the good digital citizen dead?

Nice spot for lunch.

Dramatic sunset this evening.

The great KFC crisis of 2018 continues…

Dramatic sunset in #shorehambysea

The great KFC crisis of 2018 continues.

Updates out for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Looks like just a patch for the character crashing bug.

Even in the depths of the social media backlash, there’s reason for hope