Oh, fabulous. Multi-user support for HomePods is great news. Our living room HomePods get a huge amount of use - and it’ll be great to have my Apple Music profile with fewer My Little Pony tracks on it… 

Those elongated ovals from the new version of the TV app seem to be a major design trend in iOS13.

Oh, wow. That’s a big upgrade on iOS photo editing. But that video editing is even more exciting. That’ll make the #mojo people very happy.

Beauty influencers. From the internet. Ah-ha.

Wow. Sign-in with Apple. It makes perfect sense as an extension of Apple’s privacy policy. It’ll be interesting to see who adopts it… and even more interesting to see who doesn’t. And that email cloaking feature is just genius.

I do enjoy Craig’s dad jokes, but then, I am very much a Dad.

Focus on iOS speed two years running? Nice.

📺 🐟 👍🏻

And my eldest is just going to love that lyrics feature.

OK, Tim Cook just won in our household. Multi-user support in tvOS will be so handy for the Tinworth clan.