Anyone shocked by how Facebook is hanging the news industry out to dry is probably forgetting that its founder once called his users dumb fucks, because of how much free data they were giving him.

It's not our attention that's being monetised, it's our data

The Centre for Human Technology doesn’t want your attention:

What the Center identifies as the ‘monetization of attention’ is, actually, the extraction of personal data. (Curiously, they do not use the phrase ‘big data’, or ‘your personal data’ anywhere in their website text.) This attention (or, personal data) is extracted from our digital and analog behavior and then is used to profile and target us to sell us lies, misinformation, or worsen our depression by showing us advertising for make-up.

I’m beginning to regret moving One Man & His Blog to WordPress. It’s got so “heavy” that posting increasingly feels like a chore. Maybe it’s time to work on that move to Ghost.