Screen break beach walk.

kite-surfer on Shoreham Beach

Forest and soul

I agree with every word of this:

Forest restoration via doggo

What an amazing way of reseeding a forest:

Border collies Das, Summer and Olivia were outfitted with special backpacks brimming with seeds. Then they were sent on a mission, let loose to race through the ruined forests. As they bounded and darted, their packs streamed a trickle of seeds.

Watch the video…

This is both a chilling read - and a surprisingly hopeful one: The Undercover Fascist

This starts off as road crash viewing of a middle-aged meme warrior - but actually goes somewhere interesting.

My dad, the Facebook addict

Parents spending thousands on YouTube Camp.

“Per a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, parents are spending nearly $1,000 dollars a week for their children to learn how to create branded social media-related content.”


Ugh. @danielpunkass can’t get his patch into WordPress. Open Source in theory rather than practice?

The only positive thing I can find to say about May’s premiership is this:

I’m glad it happened while my daughters were old enough to register a woman was prime minister, but young enough to not realise how terrible she was at it.

River life

The Trouble with AMP