Right. This is a good as my liveblogged notes from Hacks/Hackers London this evening at Twitter UK are getting. I’ll give them a good sub in the morning.

It’s been so long since I used the Underground regularly that I’ve reverted to being a Tube N00b.

There’s a man on my train wearing a hat with a crown over it, an imitation smart glass HUD, a cape, and a sword and shield. Gotta say, I’m a bit jealous.

How we Dooced blogging — and its community

This Vox profile of Heather Armstrong — Dooce — is a deeply melancholy read:

In the time that Armstrong had been absent from her site, bloggers had been almost wholly replaced with social media stars who relied on Instagram to gain a following. The word “influencer” had taken over, and quickly. Bloggers had risen to fame thanks to deeply personal posts; Instagram personalities operated in a much more visual medium, relying on photos of cute kids and beautiful homes for likes.

It’s both affecting in its coverage of her mental health issues, but also in how clear it makes it that we lost something profound in the shift from blogger to influencer.

Lots to think on.

Nice view as I crossed the bridge this evening.

View towards New Shoreham and the South Downs from the Adur Ferry Bridge.

Current view.

the back garden in late spring. Irises are in full bloom.

Today, I have made all the fritters.

This is a sobering read by James Kirkup: The truth about David Cameron and the ‘mad, swivel-eyed loons’

“Under Cameron and the person who called at our table, Conservative membership numbers more than halved, handing ever more power to a smaller group of people whose interests and priorities are extremely hard to reconcile with those of the country as a whole.”

Shoreham Beach, two years ago.

Inner voice: “This keyboard is filthy. I should clean it before I write any more.”

Deep inner voice: “Wow. Your procrastination game is ON FIRE today.”