Wow. DJI are going head to head with GoPro with the DJI Osmo Action Camera. The Hero 8 had better be great.

Probably my most self-aggravating work habit is composing emails in my head - and then never getting arournd to typing them out and sending them.

Politics warning: right-wing comics activists are abusing Twitter’s policies on transphobia to silence their critics.

This behaviour pattern will spread quickly, as it exploits the automated nature of much social media blocking.

I see it’s an “update all the Apple things” day again.

Today’s beach life:


Extinction Rebellion die in at the Shoreham by Sea farmers market.

What’s that sound? Oh, it’s the influencer bubble popping:

”Most global internet users lack confidence in what they see and read online, with only 8% believing that the bulk of information shared on social media is true, dropping to 4% when it comes from influencers.”


Finally got around to adding another of my key services to my site: Live Event Capture - where I create rapid posts from event content, working in conjunction with the skilled editorial cartoonists at Drawnalism.

Self-employment is basically a years-long oscillation between being stressed about money and being stressed about volume of work.

My notes from the RSA event Schools Without Walls might be of interest to the education-minded amongst you.