Thanks to my daughters, my iPad Smart Keyboard is looking particularly fabulous today…

Easter egg hunt 🐣

And here’s the final image of Adam, a sculpture at the Eden Project, shot back in Spring 2004.

Enjoying working in Pixelmator Photo to clean up some old negative scans:

There was a lot of construction work still happened at the Eden Project back in 2004. I loved these art plants that part screened the construction. Nice hard hat fruit.

Eden Project, 14th April 2004

Talented investigative journalist Lyra McKee was shot dead in Derry last night. I knew her, and was always in awe of her work. RIP, Lyra. And thank you.

Exciting times on the Woodland Trust Osprey Cam. Aila (the female) has been in the nest for most of the day. She’s there right now.

Facebook has finally banned a swathe of far-right hate groups, including the BNP, EDL and Britain First.

Not before time. Particularly glad to see Britain First on the list - they are very good at putting a respectable Facebook face on outright hate and racism.

The Wind in What's Left of the Willows…

Time for a #wilderfuture.

Yes, I am an old tree-hugger and proud.