Yet another Facebook developer leaks private data

An insanely large Facebook data breach:

The Mexican media company Cultura Colectiva and an app called “At the Pool” used their access to their users Facebook data to make local copies of it, then left that data exposed, in the clear, without a password, on the public internet – 540 million records in all, stored in publicly accessible Amazon S3 buckets.

It looks like the data has been there for five years. And, yet again, it’s via a third party who had access.

Woe betide any pony that fails to perform to the expectations of Iris.

Weird flex for a CMS company, but OK:

”Today Automattic is announcing Happy Tools, a suite of products for the future of work. Each product in Happy Tools has been used internally at Automattic to grow our company.”

Revenue play, at the expense of focus? Hmm.

May not have thought relative mug and scanner positioning through properly…

My coffee mug being knocked by my film scanner