One Man's Notebook

A rather lovely hagstone - and a deep one - found on a quick beach walk this afternoon, trying to burn off some of my daughter’s energy. She’s home today because of the teachers’ strike.

A hagstone on the beach.

Trust in me, just in me…

I really need to learn to trust myself. Yesterday, I opened the slides for week two of my social media course.

“Why so few?” I thought. “I’ll need more content than that for the 90 minutes.” So I prepared more slides, and pulled some forwards from week 3.

Guess what?

Yes, I ran out of time, exactly where Adam-from-four-months-ago had cut off the slides. I know what I’m doing. Old me knew what he was doing. We need to learn to trust each other…

Your swimming pool whiteboard wisdom for the day.

A sign saying “Rivers know this: there is no hurrry, We shall get there some day.” A.A.Milne

A fun evening, watching our students grill the hell out of a former prime minister. All under the Chatham House Rule, alas, so I can’t say any more.

David Cameron at City, University of London.

Any discussion of games journalism that doesn’t include YouTube at its heart doesn’t understand the existing games coverage business.

Yeah, not getting in that way. It’s looking pretty secure.

#mbmar 📸

A padlock on a get at City, University of London.

I have seen the future of smart glasses and it‘s as ugly as sin, apparently.

Stressful morning with a happy outcome: my eldest got her first choice of secondary school.

What a difference a couple of weeks makes. The sun is up for our early morning pool run. The views up the Adur valley were spectacular.

A walk down memory lane to 1994, when this young chap (me) had his view of journalism shifted by the launch of a new magazine for men

Adam Tinworth in 1994.

We did the thing yesterday.

Pancakes on pancake day.

Just corrected a typo in a blog post published… 10 years and 20 days ago.


Adventure time.

Two girls walking through bracken.

Plausible Analytics providing both Search Console integration AND Google Analytics import is making me very happy.

Finally got my (consulting/training) work inbox down to double digits.

Plenty of people will be waking up to slightly (or, in some cases, very) tardy replies from me. But I’m getting there…

That’s one way of making a politician’s life suddenly more complex

From today’s eye opening story about a global disinformation team:

“Much of their strategy appeared to revolve around disrupting or sabotaging rival campaigns: the team even claimed to have sent a sex toy delivered via Amazon to the home of a politician, with the aim of giving his wife the false impression he was having an affair.”


This is one hell of a story: Revealed: the hacking and disinformation team meddling in elections

Free speech absolutism excludes China, it seems.

I enjoyed the conversation between @manton and @danielpunkass on Core Intuition about the shifting sands of the Twitter API.

I’m certainly one of the people who value Twitter cross-posting - but, equally, I wouldn’t quit if it goes away.

Started reading: A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush by Eric Newby 📚

Holy flip, that’s a lot:

Good to see that the Musk rat is experiencing the same as the rest of us: cratering Twitter engagement.

Less good that he’s randomly firing people who try to explain why.

I’ve just revamped the look of my Ghost blog One Man & His Blog, and am very happy with the results:

A new look for One Man & His Blog.

14 years ago, someone registered a domain name for the local church.

Nobody remembers who. Somebody is still paying for it. Tracking down the registering account will be fun.

Why do I say “yes” to these things?

This pen is a blast from the past. Early 2000s blogging, when Movable Type and Typepad seemed like they would dominate - a good time, but so long ago.

A pen with the Six Apart logo on it.