One Man's Notebook

“Ice has a memory, and the colour of this memory is blue.”

— Robert Macfarlane, Underland 📚

Sunset approaches.

Shoreham Fort, around 4.15pm.

Dramatic lighting over Shoreham Fort.

I have earned this today.

A bottle of red wine, about to have its cork removed.

I just misread “light rain forecast” as “light rain forever”, which pretty much sums up life in the UK.

Some interesting nature reads to kick off your week.

Charles Arthur in his newsletter this morning:

“Self-obsessed Twitter is the very, very worst Twitter: it’s like a bandpass filter that stops useful data getting through.”


How culture changes:

”Lechery was regarded as such a feminine vice that oversexed males, too, could be called Sirens, in no complimentary sense.”

From: Mermaids by Sophia Kingshill 📚

Words of wisdom from the swimming board. 🏊‍♂️

Repeat a difficult thing often enough and it becomes a habit and then a pleasure. And so it is with my early morning Sunday trips to the pool. An hour by the poolside with a book and a coffee. 👌🏻

Reading a book called Mermaids by the poolside.

I’ve just realised how appropriate it was that I was reading Mermaids by Sophia Kingshill in Starbucks last week. It’s been a long time since I consciously thought about their logo… 📚

After revelling in non-fiction for the last few years, I have really rediscovered the novel this year, and am enjoying losing myself in other lives.

It turn out that one can tire of London without tiring of life.

It’s nice to be home in Sussex.

Weather like this almost makes the early start worth it.

I know that the phone has the advantage of being the camera you always have with you, but I do enjoy the tactile nature of more traditional cameras — the viewfinder, the lens barrel, the dials and buttons. Grabbing the Canon and going shooting with it is my weekend treat.

I’m just not ready for this…

The Countryfile Christmas issue

I try to avoid spending too much money in franchise chains, but when your small, indie coffee shop is closed due to a broken coffee machine, sometimes you fall to the temptations of Starbucks — and regret it afterwards.

This may have been one of the first music videos I watched on a computer:

It was included as an Easter egg on the installation disc for OS9 for the Mac. I still love the aesthetic of this video.

aluminium aluminium aluminium

Social media isn’t dead — it’s regenerating.

Weird. My #mbnov post from yesterday didn’t make the “all posts” Discover timeline. I wonder why.

A good pub is one you don’t want to leave.

My daughter enjoying an open fire in a pub.

Life doesn’t always go to plan. The secret to resilience is to just adjust and forge new paths forwards. And that’s fine.

Really not used to singing “God save the King” yet.

Youth organisations and veterans together on Southwick Green, marking Remembrance Sunday.

The Rememberance Sunday service on Southwick Green.

Well, dealing with the flat tyre put pay to our planned afternoon out. But, given how tired the girls were, I have a suspicion it was for the best.