One of the better spur-of-the-moment decisions I’ve made in recent years was the creation of a Sunday Sunday playlist of podcasts. It’s all outdoors/nature/comedy podcasts, with no politics or tech. Such pleasure from that initial investment of time.

In other news, today I met a ferret.

Today has been rather posher than normal…

A polo match in progress.

We be rollin’, they be hatin’

My eldest on holiday last year.

The Comfortably Dumb - Om Malik follows up in his post about his growing discomfort with embedded tech from the big companies in “smart” devices.

This is fascinating - there’s a new visual language evolving around doing drama in vertical videos:

Chinese vertical dramas made for phone viewing show the future of mobile video

Random discoveries via navigation apps

Lovely, random experience this evening. Apple Maps brought me an unexpected route home, showing me a bunch of villages and towns a short drive from where I lived that I’ve never seen before.

At least two of them are now on my “to visit” list for the near future, and another will be the first place I take Hazel on our summer holiday “adventures”.

I think my authorised app connections to Flickr need some updating… (iPhoto 2??)

I’m with Om on this. I’ve replaced our Alexa device with a HomePod as I’m no longer willing to give Google or Amazon audio access to our home:

Hello HomePod. So Long Sonos & Bose