One Man's Notes

Breakfast of champions.

A small bottle of vodka on a pedestrian crossing sign in London.

Looks like it’s an “update all the Apple things” evening.

Important security updates out…

Listening to my boss’s inaugural lecture…

Professor Mel Bunce delivering her inaugural lecture.

I spent yesterday at a journalism innovation conference. If you want to know what the news publishers are thinking about at the moment, well, here you go.

These seem like a more plausible scenario as time goes on: The case for Musk driving Twitter to bankruptcy.

Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary people, I present for you the 21st Century, where we microchip cheese.

Just realised that in just over two weeks I’ll be in Hamburg again for NEXT23. The schedule looks great this year.

I’m officially old. Badgers is 20 years old.

Mushroom. Mushroom. Snake.

Begone, miserable doom merchants! Traditional social media’s stumble could actually be good for journalism and audience work.


Currently reading: Rewilding the Sea by Charles Clover 📚

This will do.

Enjoying a coffee and a book in a woodland campsite.

Lovely afternoon for a cycle with my youngest.

The sea at Widewater, Shoreham Beach. Dramatic clouds over the cycle patch between Lancing and Shoreham.

This is good news - a new Broken Sword game is coming.

Two of my former students have been added to Russia’s journalist blacklist.

I’m very proud.

Somebody will be very sad about losing this chap.

A lost toy mouse.

Starting my assault on the Wainwright Prize shortlist with A Line in the World by Dorthe Nors 📚

Found a lovely place for breakfast in the port yesterday morning.

The Port Kitchen in Shoreham Port.

It’s almost delightful that Trump’s Twitter addiction might be the cause of his eventual downfall.

One unexpected surprise in upgrading from a 2006 car to a 2020 car: it got two software updates when I took it in for annual service…

Cars get software updates now?

Hmm. Should I rename the “Twitter” category on One Man & His Blog to “X”? 🤔

Most publications needed a Twitter strategy. But is making an X strategy a good use of time anymore?

Well, it depends…

Why people are pulling up their fake lawns.


Why selfish co-workers stick together:

a Cognitive Science paper published Monday by psychologists at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, […] found people who are selfish by nature tend to punish generosity and reward selfishness even when it costs them personally.

Fascinating how strong social affinity is.

Stanford neuroscientist demonstrates the quickest way to eliminate stress:

“The physiological sigh is the fastest hardwired way for us to eliminate a stressful response in our body quickly in real time,” says Andrew Huberman, an associate professor of neurobiology at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Gonna keep this in reserve for the autumn.

A wet but enjoyable bike ride with the offspring this afternoon.

Taking a break on a bike ride at the Pollinator Cafe in Shoreham by Sea.