Today, I turn 50.

Please respect the privacy of my family and I at this difficult time.

Thank you.

While my frantic week isn’t yet done, my reward has arrived. Looking forward to spending time meandering through this: A Year Unfolding 📚

Today, it’s exactly 20 years since I wrote my first blog post.

I’ll write more about this tomorrow. But I just wanted to mark the day.

Two decades under the blog. 👴🏻

Interesting. Is anyone else unable to access Quora with iCloud Private Relay on?

Commuting mask watch: down to about 10% of people wearing masks on this Southern train. Very thinly occupied, though.

One day I will manage to swab myself for a lateral flow test without retching.

Today is not that day.

Today has been the sort of day when I log onto Twitter, see the trending topic list, and log straight back off.

MacOS Monterey is a weirdly bland update — having been using it for a couple of hours, you could have easily persuaded me that the install failed and that I was still in Big Sur.

Om Malik on the iPod 20 years on:

Maybe knowingly (but more likely unknowingly), Apple had made a device that made it easy for normals to understand and embrace our then-new century’s big idea: the abstraction of our physical life into the digital domain.

Doc Searls on supply chains:

“But the worldwide supply chain (which is less a single chain than braided rivers spreading outward from many sources through countless deltas) is impossible to reduce to any one formal cause.”

The “Christmas Stocking Fillers” PR emails have started arriving, despite the fact I’ve never once done a gift guide in 18 years of writing my blog.

Maybe this year’s the year? 🤷

What stocking fillers would be appropriate for journalists, anyway?

Today, I had managed the sort of productivity that if I managed every day, my life would be a lot happier and calmer.

I actually think I can spot two reasons why that happened, so… 🤞🏻