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We’ll see more of this: Apple’s Director of Machine Learning Resigns Due to Return to Office Work.

Remore working policies are going to become a key recruitment/retention battleground for companies — and rightly so. The last two years have proved it can work.

📷 May Photoblogging

Day 9: Bloom

Bloom — a flower in the quay

📷 May Photoblogging

Day 8: Union

The union of car and house. I’ll eventually get used to the fact that I plug my car in these days. But after decades of fuel being something you got elsewhere, it’s a mindset shift.

IMG 1231

Nobody warns you about the “getting your daughter to swimming lessons for 7.30am on a Sunday” part of parenthood.


📷 May Photoblogging

Day 7: Park

📷 May Photoblogging

Day 6: Silhouette

Corvids nesting in a tree at Lancing College

I’ve given the May photoblogging posts their own category. It’s a good incentive to keep up with it…

📷 May Photoblogging

Day 5: Earth

When we moved in, our garden was full of rubble from the old boat yard that was on the site originally. Years of work (and compost making) have turned it into some pretty good soil now…

The raised beds in our garden

Obligatory democratic selfie.

This may be the best ever typo-driven page:

Welcome to the Meatverse.

(I particularly like “Cryptographic hache”)

Due to poor typing on my part. auto-correct just turned “evangelists” into “Eva nag lists”, and I’m not sure it’s actually an error.

📷 May Photoblogging

Day 4: Thorny

A thorn on a rose stalk

📷 May Photoblogging

Day 3: Experimental

Who doesn’t love pond dipping? A fun science experiment for the girls.

📷 May Photoblogging

Day 2: Photo

The more I look at this, the more disturbing it is.

Bank holiday breakfast in a wee café deep in the Sussex countryside.

📷 May Photoblogging

Day 1: Switch

IMG 0048  1

I do not have time to experiment with setting up a Mastodon server. I do not have time to experiment with setting up a Mastodon server. I do not have time to experiment with setting up a Mastodon server.

Auntie Beeb says it’s true, and I believe Auntie:

Twitter board agrees to $44bn takeover by Elon Musk

It’s time to stop embedding Tweets in news stories….

(And it’s nothing to do with Musk…)

The odds of anyone with a blue tick and a very substantial following actually, truly deleting their Twitter account should Twitter be Musked must be astronomically small. A habit like that is terribly hard to kick.

Nice new paint job on one of our local pubs.

The Ferry Inn, Shoreham-by-Sea.

“Because here’s the thing about comfort, ease, security - it can topple into insipid inertia in a nanosecond. And when that happens we are trapped.”

Windswept: Walking the Paths of Trailblazing Women by Annabel Abbs 📚

Down on the river, SUP-style.

Being a persistent shit-poster on Twitter and rather thin-skinned about criticism strikes me as an extremely poor life choice.