My wife:

”My lifelong career love affair has only ever been with bioscience but what a huge, fascinating, awesome world that is. I am so grateful to be able to potter about in my corner of it and marvel at the rest.”

Glad the word “career” is in there!

One of the interesting things about the current MacBook Pro keyboard problems is that it’s proving to me that a five year old machine is pretty adequate for my needs still, as I avoid buying a new one until it is solved.

I can hang on to Apple kit for longer than I have been.

AirDrop is such a handy feature of Apple devices. It doesn’t get enough kudos.

Wow. Early 2010s-era One Man & His Blog. In many ways, the “classic” era of the site…

One Man & His Blog in 2011

Bittersweet memories of 1999

Scanning colour negatives in Vuescan on a Mac.


The current batch of negatives I’m scanning right now really capture a moment in time. They must be from 1999, one of the more significant years in my life - and 20 years ago, almost exactly.

The first few photographs are of the woman who was soon to be my ex-girlfriend in the flat we shared (and, honestly, the coming storm was written all over her face in those images), while the next batch were of a party at the flat of the woman who is now my wife.

Those really were a few months that changed my life forever, and in ways that were only good.

However, the deep sadness is that one person in those images is no longer with us, passing too, too young.

Plenty of pain in those images and the memories they evoke - but also joy. I wouldn’t surrender either.