Woe betide any pony that fails to perform to the expectations of Iris.

Weird flex for a CMS company, but OK:

”Today Automattic is announcing Happy Tools, a suite of products for the future of work. Each product in Happy Tools has been used internally at Automattic to grow our company.”

Revenue play, at the expense of focus? Hmm.

This is how hyper-partisan sites die: Inside the spectacular fall of WorldNetDaily, the granddaddy of right-wing conspiracy sites

May not have thought relative mug and scanner positioning through properly…

My coffee mug being knocked by my film scanner

My wife:

”My lifelong career love affair has only ever been with bioscience but what a huge, fascinating, awesome world that is. I am so grateful to be able to potter about in my corner of it and marvel at the rest.”

Glad the word “career” is in there!

One of the interesting things about the current MacBook Pro keyboard problems is that it’s proving to me that a five year old machine is pretty adequate for my needs still, as I avoid buying a new one until it is solved.

I can hang on to Apple kit for longer than I have been.

AirDrop is such a handy feature of Apple devices. It doesn’t get enough kudos.

It looks like I last wrote about Google+ nearly five years ago — and only to declare it not dead.

Never a good sign.

So, here’s a video from a defunct satire site, about a defunct social network, found via a defunct VC-backed news site, which concludes with the fact that social networks lead inevitably to nazis.

This must be the most 2019 thing ever.

Wow. Early 2010s-era One Man & His Blog. In many ways, the “classic” era of the site…

One Man & His Blog in 2011