Wow, Blogger really is being neglected isn’t it? The last substantive update I can find is from nearly a year ago - and it’s mainly about removing features. Even Movable Type has had a major new version since then.

First signs of spring. (Which means it’ll be snowing within the month…)

TIL: Apple proposed the forthcoming set of emoji covering people in wheelchairs, with service dogs, etc. Cool. (via Download)

The victorious defeat of the open web

It just occurred to me that the prevalent idea that apps killed the open web is completely and utterly wrong. The open web is still there, it still works, and it still needs no-one’s permission before you can publish there. Sure, the vast majority of the attention is elsewhere, in siloed apps, but then it was in the glory days of the web, too.

Maybe that’s OK. Maybe that’s how it should be. And that’s maybe where those of us who enjoy something different, something alternative, something fun can build new and interesting things. We need new mechanisms to help people navigate these alleyways, and to connect with each other, as most of the old ones are gone or transformed. But that can be done.

Maybe, just maybe, the victory of the apps has handed us the blessing of being counter-cultural again. And that’s exciting.

Just tried to explain 70s/80s linear TV to my children, in all its pre-daytime TV, pre-streaming “glory”. They can’t get past the idea it was impossible to pause TV, let alone the rest of it.

God, I feel old.