You can catch up on all my posts from last week’s useful news:rewired conference here.

Lots to think about there.

Storm sisters

The Tinworth sisters in Shoreham Beach.

Fun down on the beach today…

Waves crashing onto Shoreham Beach in Sussex.

New shoes!

Love the cover of the latest @standartmag by @grigorybabich. Stunning work.

Coffee with Eevee!

Journalism clearly needs new business models. Yesterday’s panel discussion at news:rewired had some interesting ideas.

The Adventures of Rapunzel and Mildred Hubble. #worldbookday #worldbookday2019

Today I learnt that Engagdget is nearly a. year younger than OM&HB and I feel like such an under-achiever… :-)

How Influencer Language Is Killing Instagram

”As with any social network, there comes a point of over-saturation where the cool kids who were there first abandon ship, and all that’s left is photographs of your mum’s book club trip to Corfu and screenshots of half-marathon times from the guy in your Geography class.”