Does anyone else find the phrase “innovation hub” faintly depressing? “This - here - is where we do innovation. Nowhere else, mind. Just here.”

Joe Manganiello and D&D in the 80s.

From Joe Manganiello, Super Geek: Owns Dungeon, Dead Guy’s Dice:

Those of us that have been around long enough remember all too well the panicked out-cry against role playing games in the 1980’s, spurred on by religious groups that stigmatized Dungeons and Dragons as a gateway to Satanism and drug abuse, when the truth was that most of us actually managed to stay out of trouble since we were too busy trying to get a game in.

That is basically a chunk of my teenage years in the 80s.

Today, I find myself wondering how my Facebook experience would change if I pared my number of friends down to around Dunbar’s number?

I have finally learned to write algorithm without having to look up the spelling. Yay.

One day I will come across an example of “MSM won’t report on this!!!!” which I can’t disprove with 20 seconds of Googling. But today is not that day.