One Man's Notebook


I have a certain admiration for the attempt to move people over, but I’m not sure it will work.

It’s a rough morning, watching friends and former students getting fired from Twitter.

I’m glad I’ve got this place to spend time in instead. Thank you, lovely folks.

Well, I suppose the good thing about the reports that Revue (owned by Twitter) will be gone by the end of the year, dead by order of Musk, is that I now have licence to officially abandon my neglected newsletter there…

Working late at the office, adding a feast of links to Moodle, for the journalism students to ”enjoy”…

Well, it might have been chucking it down all day, and the wind has thrown things around the garden, but given how dry the summer was, I figure the plants could really do with it.

Enjoying Halloween on a warm but wet night.

A modest haul of sweets for the girls, but good fun in good company.

Trick or Treat in Shoreham.

Has anyone seen any news outlets doing anything interesting on Mastodon?

This is a great resource for people thinking of starting a blog: Get Blogging!

[via @manton]

London being London in its charming way.

A London pub in Farringdon

So, it looks like the deal is done, and Elon Musk has acquired Twitter.

It’s certainly the end of the beginning: the legal drama will now be replaced by management drama, and this is arguably the start of Twitter’s second act. Interesting times, indeed.

I think this is spot on. British politics — or, at least, the Tory party version of it — is now completely absurd. They are making us a global-level laughing stock.

More good advice from the morning swim classes whiteboard.

A whitebiard saying "strive for progress not perfection".

Autumn sun through the oak.

Sunlight shining through autumnal oak leaves.

A few moments of tranquility while the girls play.

Lovely bit of sulphur tuft, there.

Sulphur Tuft fungus.

Caption competition…

A Halloween pumpkin "vomiting" leaves.

I asked Siri to “play something I’ll like”, and it’s been back to back 80s and 90s music since. I now feel:

  1. seen
  2. old.


This is fascinating. I’ve noted students doing this despite the slides being available for them to download: Study Finds Taking Photos of Slides Helps Students Remember Lessons

Quite the sunset tonight.

Sunset over the Adur.

This is a good look back at She-Hulk Attorney at Law. Insightful about how it played with audience expectations.

I sincerely hope that the focus Long Covid has brought to post-viral syndromes will be extended much further than just this one virus. This field hasn’t been given nearly enough attention for decades.

Words of wisdom at the 7.30am swim.

A sign saying: 'It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop"

A lovely little discovery – an acorn cup fallen into another plant.

An acorn cup lodged in another plant.

The path through the woods.

I’m really enjoying all the photos from around the world making up the Day in the Life of the community.