Well now. I did a vlog from Scotland. Vlogging is really not my thing. What do you think?

ln defence of selfies - an interesting take on the social context of photography and sharing.

More catching up - February in 1 second everyday

The Decline of Historical Perspective - Neil hits the nail on the head here. And yes, it’s worrying.

Catching up - this is January in 1 Second Everyday.

New Microsoft Store at Oxford Circus

Microsoft opening a new store right on Oxford Circus in London today. Nice clean lines - but it feels terribly generic.

I do love the feel of the new “grove” style Apple Stores.

the Apple Store on London's Regent Street.

Listening to Andy’s 20 year journey at the Flock event in Shoreham-by-Sea.

My June in 1 second everyday.

Settled up my second payment on account with the taxman. Slowly, but surely, breaking the habit of doing everything at the last minute.