One Man's Notebook

And, really, nothing is more political than the way we engage with the world around us. We have an obligation to see the world for what it is, the bad as well as the good, and we have to blinker ourselves to keep on pretending that it is not broken.

– From The Circling Sky by Neil Ansell 📚

The origin of the phrase “up sticks”:

”Instead they used Gypsy tents of the traditional style, a tarpaulin thrown over a platform of bent wooden rods. If moved on by the keepers, they could simply ‘up sticks’ in a matter of minutes, and disappear into the trees and on to their next encampment.”

— from The Circling Sky by Neil Ansell 📚

We’re coming back into the light. The sun was rising as we drove to the pool this morning, after months of doing this trip in the dark.

Spring’s a-coming.

A 7.20am sunrise over the South Downs.

Beware: killer clowns and hangry bears.

My kind of diversion.

A sign reading "coffee diversion".

I declared RSS bankruptcy last night, marked the 5,000+ articles which were unread in NetNewsWire as read, and revelled in the manageable flow of new posts.

Such a great decision.

Great post by Matt Genmell on why we should give ourselves permission to write shorter, less weighty posts in blogs.

Some of this is down to platform design: and Tumblr encourage short posts in a way that, say, Wordpress doesn’t.


A house in Wandsworth, London.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes of City’s Creatives in Residence scheme.

This is an interesting read: it appears that a seratonin deficiency might not be the key cause of depression after all.

I have 300 open tabs on my iPad. Tonight, I wage war on them.

(By “wage war” I mean “read and decide if I’m going to blog about them”, of course.)

Home learning on teachers’ strike day, thanks to BBC Bitesize.

A girl doing home learning on a Mac

Took me too many years - but I finally got that last elusive badge…

Lovely sunrise over Hassocks station this morning.

A winter sunrise over Hassocks Station in the UK's South Downs.

This morning’s wisdom from the crack-of-dawn trip to the pool for my daughter:

A whiteboard reading "motivation is what gets you started. habit is what keeps you going"

SUPpers and swans.

Stand-up paddle-boarders and swans on the Adur.

On the D&D OGL mess:

“This is a community that literally invented the term “rules lawyer.” WotC simply didn’t realize how literally that would be taken.”


I know their days are numbered, but nothing quite beats a free charge at the station while you’re up in London.

Lovely to see some blue sky again today. It’s been a hard January, and this was the lift I needed this afternoon.

Blue sky with the edge of a treer in one corner

Ivory has won promotion to my iPad dock…

The Ivory app icon in an iPad dock.

So, this post proved more controversial than I expected.

I expected pushback on my warning about TikTok. What I didn’t expect was how attached some people are to their spreadsheets of SEO keywords…

Adur sunrise

Nice to see more EV charging infrastructure going in, just around the corner from my house.

Connected Kerb installation on Harbour Way, Shoreham Beach.

HomePod and AppleTV updates are out this evening.

Ivory from Tapbots is now on the App Store.

Trying it out now for my Mastodon needs…