Shoreham may be blessed with one of the best library views out there.

Upscale NYC restaurant bans lone women from sitting at the bar

This is… extraordinary:

“I perched at my favourite seat at the bar and started to respond to all the emails that had arrived on the flight over,” she explains. “A waiter approached – a familiar face, but oddly hesitant on this occasion. He advised – with evident embarrassment – that I was no longer permitted to eat at my usual spot and that I must now sit down at a table.”

Essentially, they’re working on the assumption that single women sitting at the bar are hookers — or, at least, are treating their lone female customers as less important that making prostitution less obvious.

Sexist obliviousness is still sexism.

The latest issue of @anxymag is here - all about masculinity. Time for a coffee and a read.

One that required a bit of focus, but not too much. Bring on next month’s #AppleWatch challenge.

I just had a really, really bad idea.

I should do nothing about this idea.


Ugh. Buzzfeed is laying off over 200 people. They do great work, and they have some fantastic journalists - but that VC investment burden was always going to be hard for them to carry successfully.

Best wishes to anyone impacted.