No wonder my chair was uncomfortable - I’ve been sitting on this for the last hour:


“All these potentially powerful attempts at building a new world using new tools being rendered safe by assimilation into the old.”

All too often, the old, hierarchical world has hollowed out social tools, and worn them like a skin.

An epitath for Livejournal

Ars Technica:

Such is the nature of the erosion of our once-beloved digital spaces: there’s none of the collapsed majesty of a physical space like an abandoned castle, ivy threading its way through the crumbling latticework. Instead, LiveJournal moves forward as an aging pile of code, one day potentially rendered obsolete by something newer and better and remembered by those who lost countless hours to rigging it up in the first place.

It’s where I started blogging over 17 years ago - but I haven’t thought about it in years. It’s now just a Russian zombie of its former self.

The one thing that disappoints me about most “links” newsletters I follow is that they rarely give me links outside a very narrow circle of obvious sites. Do people really read that narrowly?

Gorgeous day on Shoreham Beach. The sun is counteracting the cold nicely.