Iris: “Daddy, chair are for sitting in, not putting laptops on.” Busted by a 3 year old.

The culture wars in one tweet.

I’m not sure that, even seven years on, that I’ve really adjusted to being self-employed. I don’t have to put in a full working week if I don’t need to — or want to.

First proper day back at my desk since mid-December. The email is soul-crushing.

Playing with the 4k option on the DJI Osmo Pocket:

Bedrock rock beds.

Moody day in the beach. (Can you spot the Iris?)

I have a nasty feeling Iris is pretending to be me…

Grabbed the opportunity for a quick beach walk this afternoon. The beach is very much in winter mode, biding its time before it bursts into spring colour in a few months.

Catchy as the headline is, the real story is a government agency trying to frustrate a legitimate journalistic investigation. Ministry Of Justice Staff Called A BuzzFeed Journalist “Crazy” And A “Bitch” After She Published A Leaked Report