⚠️ Warning - photobomb in progress…

New green belt

21st century life: I spent a while last night updating the software on my lightbulbs… 💡

Barbados, November 2011

My sister-in-law has a PacMan coat. 👌🏻

Morning coffee feels very festive today.

Smashing Avocado while the world burns

These are the final days of the startup world:

At a recent Lyft event, the brand decided not to hand out the usual swag. You know, the frisbees or stress balls or notebooks or pens that pile up in your closets and drawers. Instead, in a large bowl, there was a pile of ripe green avocados, each printed with the Lyft logo.

It’s like Ancient Rome all over again…

New coffee shop, new part of London. Oh, the consultancy life.

Five years ago today:

10 years ago today.