My brain is a ridiculous place. I have an enforced day off because my youngest is unwell - but I’m still feeling guilty.

Barbados, late 2011

I’ve just been pottering around editing some old photos, from our last pre-children holiday. Two days after I got back, my life changed forever in two ways: we agreed to buy a house, and I realised that my time at my old employer was up. I was figuring out what to do next, and so these photos have never had the attention they deserve.

I’m enjoying coming back to them with seven years’ distance.

The still Caribbean

Boating off Barbados

Sunset over the villa's pool

The wild, wild East coast

I used to shoot a lot more landscapes back then…

Now, that’s what I call release notes. 💯 👌🏻

Finally writing the three new training course descriptions I’ve been itching to launch for months.

Let’s hope people are itching to go on them, too!