Post-social network community building needed

Warren Ellis

I feel like I want to see some more thought around getting the fuck off social networks but being able to maintain lines of connection between friends, comrades and fellow-travellers in addition to the Republic Of Newsletters and the Isles Of Blogging. Status pages as the signals from the Invisible Monastery, or, possibly, Hobo Code marks on the walls of the web. Planning for the oncoming dark age?

Building distributed community processes is tough, but fun. And less likely to screw up democracy.

Time to kill off follower counts on social networks:

As we increase the time we spend online, we also expose ourselves to the danger of measuring ourselves by the number of likes and follows we get. That sort of behavior is problematic in itself, but it gets worse when you consider the fact that you have little to no real control over those numbers.

Where and @manton led the way…

There’s no place like gnome

I was baffled and slightly depressed in what I was seeing in the analytics I was looking at.

And then I realised I was looking at the wrong site’s analytics. 🤦🏼‍♂️

Looks like Instagram’s down for a good chunk of the world.

Average mental health of the population is improving slightly every second this continues…

Just topped up the bird food. Minor avian riot in progress in the back garden.

5 degrees, rainy and grey. British autumn is here at last.

Old Toys

I’m slightly concerned that I appear to have grown up in the last few years. Despite the exciting and shiny new iPad Pros released last week, I’m still more than happy with my 2 plus year old iPad Pro 9.7. It does everything I need it to. And my MacBook Pro is around five years old, and I’m not planning on replacing that either. What has happened to me? I used to be a “twitchy after two years” guy.

Build that web

I had my first proper (but quick) play with Adobe Premier Rush - and I’m tentatively impressed.