The Ides of May

There are times when I almost feel sorry for Theresa May. She is clearly trying her best to deliver something impossible, while being shot by both sides. It’s hard not to sympathise with that.

And then I remember that she didn’t have to rush into triggering Article 50. And could have published the research into the likely effects of Brexit. She could have been honest with the public, and communicated more directly with us all the way, and possibly even given us an informed choice at the end of it.

But no, like Cameron before her, she gambled on political advantage, tried to use the referendum as a tool to strengthen her parliamentary position, and then failed in that and in her negotiations with Europe.

Like Cameron she has ridden the Brexit beast into political disaster, one by trying to end it, one by trying to deliver it.

History will not be kind to these two PMs.

Here’s my incredibly sophisticated micro casting set-up, using Wavelength on my phone…

The Toxicity At The Top Of Facebook - And How We Need To Move The Social Media Conversation Forward

Some (rambling) thoughts based on yesterday’s NYT piece on Facebook’s senior management and the appalling reaction to the revelations about the site.

There’s some new research out on smart speakers and news - and it’s a mixed bag. Use is growing fast, but people are unenthused by the current news offerings. Is there an opportunity here?

Be vewy, vewy quiet. I’m hunting typos…

Really nice, measured take on the state of the iPad Pro from Charles Arthur.

I really recommend listening to this talk by Indy Johar from NEXT conference. Challenging and eye-opening.

Writing something to an embargo deadline for the first time in as long as I can remember. I almost feel like a real journalist again.

This is an absolutely brutal takedown of Medium’s UI and on-boarding experience - published on Medium. 🔥🔥🔥

Despite my previous post, I do enjoy binging on @Monday I find immersing myself in the community for a hour to be fun.