Things I am not going to do: take marriage advice from a never-married 23-year old “top writer in love, psychology, and relationships” on Medium.

I feel like those last two books are less likely than ever to get written… George R.R. Martin Developing Even More Shows For HBO

11/11/18 - we shall remember them

Thou shalt not pass

‪If Apple could push iOS on iPad forward as fast and as thoughtfully as it’s developing the iPad Pro hardware, they’d be devouring this space. ‬

‪But they’re not. And it makes me sad. ‬

Headline of the day: Satanic Temple Sues Netflix, Warner Over Sabrina Statue Copyright

I still find the idea that Apple has in-house metallurgists oddly cool.

Aberdeen, I am in you. #odcamp

My school helped shape key Bodyguard character…

This is about The Bodyguard and the school I attended…

Bowman, born in Dundee, told how he drew on his experience at Dollar Academy, near Stirling, to find the character. “I went to a boarding school in Scotland,” he said, “which are brutal places with children being sent away at a very young age. I think that creates an atmosphere that is very particular to the English ruling class. It creates the type of person who can be cold and quite detached, and lacking in empathy.”

I was a day pupil.

Turns out friction might be good in social sharing.