Getting a bit dry round here…

Tide’s out…

This will probably get me into trouble, but I’m quite excited by Jony Ive leaving Apple. He’d clearly run out of things to say about computer design, and is interested in exploring new fields.

That opens up space for a new vision to come forward for Apple.

Blimey. Ive leaving Apple to form his own firm - but Apple will be one of his first clients.

This really was not the plan for this afternoon.

The street where I grew up.

Hello, Edinburgh.

I have a suspicion that a child may have used this seat before me…

I have got to bring my tab habit under control. There’s no point opening all these damn things, unless I’m going to sit and read them.

The New Wilderness

No two companies have done more to drag private life into the algorithmic eye than Google and Facebook. Together, they operate the world’s most sophisticated dragnet surveillance operation, a duopoly that rakes in nearly two thirds of the money spent on online ads. You’ll find their tracking scripts on nearly every web page you visit. They can no more function without surveillance than Exxon Mobil could function without pumping oil from the ground.

This is a fundamental, unavoidable truth of both their business models.