Yeah, the 100% recycled aluminium thing is cool. Nice work, Apple. Long-lasting devices made from recycled materials is much lighter on the planet.

Ooooh. TouchID without the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Air.

Tim Cook really does seem unusually enthusiastic today.

Getting spooky around here.

“Influencers” — cheapening the web one post at a time.

Vogue says “bonjour” to Hong Kong and “au revoir” to Snapchat.

Y’know, if Twitter really does pull Likes from its platform, it really validates one of the design decisions @manton made for

Twitter to UnLike Likes?

It’s useful to remember that social media can be tremendously helpful at times, even in the current climate: Social media’s not all bad – it’s saving lives in disaster zones

It seems clear that Zuckerberg has a more total control over Facebook than, say, Jobs ever did over Apple: Facebook’s Flawed DNA Makes It Unable to Fight Misinformation