Much as I love Wikipedia, its process for assessing the notability of people is seriously flawed, and far too depended on coverage in the mainstream press.

Wikipedia rejected an entry on today’s Nobel Prize winner in May because she wasn’t famous enoug

Oh, hello.

The best single feature in Safari is its ability to search all the open tabs on any device tied to your iCloud account. I use that every single day.

“Hey, Siri. Play something I’ll like.” “OK. Let’s press play. Here’s the Corrs.”

Oh, we’re going straight to the dark place are we, Siri?

What I loved about this #next18 talk by @ecomoliterno — apart from the energy of the delivery — was the focus on digital solving local problems with customised fixes. It felt like an evolution of talks from 8 or 9 years ago, before we all got obsessed with the “unicorns”.

My family is actively trying to reduce our use of Amazon. This talk from @t3killer at #NEXT18 was an inspiring look at a possible future for local digitally-driven retailing.

Andrew Keen’s five point plan for fixing digital, from #next18.

New academic research suggests that automated accounts used the film to stoke cultural conflict: Star Wars: Russian Bots May Have Derailed The Last Jedi Blimey.

My September in 32 seconds…

Here’s what my September looked like, in one second of footage from every day…

September in one second every day. #1seme