Just had a PR email suggesting that I write a sponsored post about how I slept while I was pregnant. 🤔🙄

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I’m reminded today that what I read has a huge impact on my stress levels. Stuff about social media, and publishing and new tech: surprisingly stressful. So, today I have been reading about nature and woodlands. Ahhh. Better. We are what we read.

Stunning day.

Why do I aim to be at the station soon after 7am, when I don’t start lecturing until 11am? This is why:

Interesting interview with Instagram co-founder Systrom in 2012:

Can Instagram live on if its founders leave? The best advice Systrom read was that you should build an organisation that can outlive its founders, as Steve Jobs tried to do with Apple.

Instagram’s founders are leaving, possibly because of increasing interference from Zuckerberg. Insta’s semi-autonomy from the rest of the Big Blue Beast was always an anomaly. That’s now being corrected…

Working in MacOS Mohave’s dark mode. Interesting - will take a while to get used to (if I stick with it).

This is a beautiful little poem: Woodsmoke: A Poem

Hamburg, this afternoon: