Apple invents way more than Samsung or Google in phones - but “borrows” more, too. New iPhones, new Galaxies: Who’s the bigger copycat?

I’d love to see more cities do this: The entire city of Paris will be car-free for a day

I’m pleased to say that The Guardian are now acknowledging their earlier daily podcasts — but my point about lack of institutional knowledge retention remains.

Goodness. Some of the Apple Watch Series 4 variants have slipped back 10 days in shipping already.

Decided that I’m not going to upgrade my Series 2 Apple Watch to a Series 4. It still works great, so why not get another year out of it? This piece on Apple designing things to last longer for environmental reasons makes me feel good about that.

Catching up on the Apple news after the journalism event I’ve been at. Don’t need to upgrade my iPhone X, and not super excited by the new one. However, the Series 4 watch with the heart monitoring feels like a good move for a middle-aged man…

Final proof that I love journalism more than I love Apple: I’ll be in the launch of some research into journalism and social media while the Apple keynote is on. (Not that I’ll be replacing my iPhone X this year, anyway.)

I’d love to see this book funded: Parkinson’s and the Tango Effect by Kate Swindlehurst: Unbound Please consider backing it if you’re interested in mental health, dance or that most exquisite of dances, the tango.

This makes me sad. The Guardian was once a genuine innovator in the field of podcasts - and it both abandoned that and then forgot it ever happened.

We need to stop making this mistake.

Reading about the floods in Kerala and the clean up afterwards has been sobering. A year ago I visited the region to work with Malayala Manorama the leading newspaper in the region.