Nothing makes a self-employed person’s morning happier than the words “remittance advice” in his e-mail first thing in the morning.

Can Mark Zuckerberg Fix Facebook Before It Breaks Democracy?

I found Zuckerberg straining, not always coherently, to grasp problems for which he was plainly unprepared. These are not technical puzzles to be cracked in the middle of the night but some of the subtlest aspects of human affairs, including the meaning of truth, the limits of free speech, and the origins of violence.

I suspect his absolute control of the company is part of the problem.

I love blogging. I really do. But it does feel like getting traffic to OM&HB is harder then ever. I can’t recall a time in past 15 years that attracting readers was so very hard.

Part of that is my own fault - I’ve been very inconsistent as a blogger in recent years. And I’d hate to abandon it after all these years of labour.

But my goodness, does it feel like harder work getting the audience than it is getting the content written. And I’m sure that shouldn’t be the case.

Just spent a couple of hours writing a blog post, which pretty much guarantees nobody will ever read it.

Why is traffic so often inversely proportional to effort?

Gah. Just spend a while constructing a post around a new feature of the CMS I use for One Man & His Blog - and realised that I have to wait for my theme provider to update their theme to support it.