Hacking your SIM card to hack your Instagram. There’s Bitcoin in them there account names.

Reasons I’m glad I cleared up my study before starting work: I was able to grab my macro lens for a blog post photo in seconds. This is… rare.

The new Doctor Who writing and directing team. It’s a lot more diverse than in the past.

Doing tab archeology. The current wave of tabs I’m working through seem to be from May(!).

@adders on Instagram

The web shouldn’t all be about recency - we stand to lose too much valuable information if we think that way.

This talk by @kevinmarks nearly five years ago is still painfully relevant now.

“sports luxe”? 🤔

After the rain…

Poked at Mastadon for the first time in a while. Great idea, but the UX still needs work. I’m quite good at this stuff and still found it confusing.