This is a sobering read about the dehumanisation deep in the psychology of some Silicon Valley coders. History repeats itself - this mirror the abuses of the early industrial age.

Maybe we can learn from that.

Maybe writing about CMSes isn’t a path to viral content success - but it matters to me. 😎 Content Management Systems: could Vox Media make build a software business alongside its content operation?

I love “less is more” journalism models. This one is from India: The Ken raises $1.5M in its Series A Round

Some rather curious - and possibly co-ordinated - Instagram hacking going on. Worth watching.

I just realised what you get if you spell my youngest’s name backwards. Hey, Iris…

Steyning Adventure

A school holidays adventure day exploring a neighbouring town.

A basket full of soft toys

The mask slips, just a little: Facebook traffic to publishers is gone - and Campbell Brown just erected its tombstone

How Facebook distorted human interactions on the altar of engagement.

Nice contextualisation: How to get human time back from technology