Happy post-holiday reading.

Love a bit of skyscraper porn: This week, images of Europe’s tallest skyscraper were revealed

Interesting - Slack has shifted their blog off Medium to WordPress. Now at: slackhq.com

Lovely piece about both the incredible potential of computational photography - and the romance of film.

My goodness, this makes me want to visit Sweden. (Especially the cabin/boat thing. Want.)

You have to wonder if anyone at Facebook has ever heard the phrase “when in a hole, stop digging”.

Watching your partner fall in love with someone else - on Strava. Leaky public data and unintended consequences…

The worst typo when you meant “general”

I’ve been largely absent from Twitter for months. I’ve been giving a little thought as to why: Twitter’s “them and us” problem

“Civility always; servility never”: In this grim age of Trump and Brexit, online fury is a dead end for the left