One micro-blog account, twice. A seemingly irresolvable issue.

I’m a bit at a loss as to what to do with my account here. Due to some weirdness, I’m paying for it twice, once as a blog only account, once as a blog+podcast account.

It’s more than just the cash, though, it’s also the fact that I essentially have two accounts under the same name, each building up their own (separate but overlapping) sets of content.

My tickets to support are going unanswered.

I enjoy, but not so much that I’m happy to pay twice for one service, which is what’s happening now. And meanwhile, every time I post, I don’t know which content bucket it’s going to end up in. So the pain of untangling the situation gets worse - and that makes me really reluctant to post.

I suspect my only solution now is to backup both accounts, nuke one of them, and try to figure out which one went, and import that one’s back up.

Wish me luck.

If you ever hear from me again.

Nearly done writing several thousand words for an actual book. How delightlyful old-school, in-depth and focused.

Overheard in my local coffee shop: “Oh, dear, we’re out of avocadoes.”


21st century communication: not only am I desperately behind on my correspondence, half the time I an’t remember where it is. Is it Twitter DMs or Messenger or Slack or email or…?

That felt good. I did something that I thought other people might find interesting - and blogged about it straight well. As I used to teach: “Connect the ‘that’s interesting’ observation with posting as soon as you can”. I should listen to myself more.

Thought for the day: if you rely on Facebook to communicate with your friends, you are literally outsourcing relationship management to an uncaring algorithm. That, my friends, is not friendship.

iOS’s in-built screen recorder is an absolute Godsend for supporting family members.