That felt good. I did something that I thought other people might find interesting - and blogged about it straight well. As I used to teach: “Connect the ‘that’s interesting’ observation with posting as soon as you can”. I should listen to myself more.

A reminder that Amazon often isn’t nearly as cheap as other options. (And a gentle plug for what looks like a great book.)

Thought for the day: if you rely on Facebook to communicate with your friends, you are literally outsourcing relationship management to an uncaring algorithm. That, my friends, is not friendship.

iOS’s in-built screen recorder is an absolute Godsend for supporting family members.

A long and unusually personal blogpost, which explains why I’ve been absent here, amongst other things.

Why do I find it easier to network to find my former students work, than to get myself more gigs? 🤔

Gah. The result of being with my children for pretty much all of the last 10 days is that I don’t have my Earpods on me, and I am now annoyed.

I’m really happy with that WWDC keynote. Nothing that costs me money, and lots of quality of life improvements to my existing devices.

I’m enjoying the not-so-subtle shade being thrown at Facebook and its products in the screenshots here. #wwdc18

Astonishing to think this space tech is 19 years old now…