Thoughtful piece on the tenor of social media interactions by Roxane Gay.
Twitter Social Distancing — why I’m stepping back from Twitter for a month.
“I do not demand a gin palace at every corner, merely that it is written into the constitution of the nation that every village must, as a public service and a monument to more sensible civilisations, maintain a pub.” — From In the Country by Kenneth Allsop 📚
Should your bookshelves reflect the person you are now, or should they encapsulate all the versions of you from earlier in your life?
Is it even social media if you don’t occasionally post photos of your lunch?
I much prefer the feel of matt dust jackets when reading a hardback book to glossy ones.
John Naughton’s review of An Ugly Truth, a new book about Facebook, makes it sound like essential reading. Next on my list after I’ve finished Charles Arthur’s Social Warming.