Climate journalism needs both fixing and expanding. This is a great step in the right direction.
Today, I had managed the sort of productivity that if I managed every day, my life would be a lot happier and calmer. I actually think I can spot two reasons why that happened, so… 🤞🏻
Yikes. You might want to change your Twitch passwords — there’s been a huge data leak.
Back at City, ready to teach journalism again. 18 months ago, I walked out of here during one of the production weeks, completely unaware that it would be so long before I’d be back. But it’s good to be back.
We’ve turned Facebook into a single point of failure - and now we’re paying the price.
Let’s all hope @manton knows what he’s doing with border gateway protocol…
Facebook being down might actually ease the petrol crisis, now that there’s no way for people to flag up that a petrol tanker has just arrived at a garage in their local Facebook group.
Slightly perturbed to discover that my daughters think that I’m basically Izzy Moonbow…
The plastic pollution culprits — and other links worth reading.
Day 2: It’s never fully dark, down by the river. #mboct
There’s something quite nice about a day so wet and blustery that you feel no guilt at all about just chilling out in the house.
Day 1: My daughter couldn’t resist reaching out to touch these fishy up-cycled spoons at the Artisans’ Market. #mboct
I see the inevitable 15.0.1 update is out for your Apple device bug-fixing pleasure…
It feels like a crunch is coming in the UK petrol crisis in my part of the country, at least. Those people who have held off filling up, as their needs were less urgent, are beginning to run out of fuel. And the situation is not easing, as promised.
The deadlines of my working life used to be defined by when the presses needed to roll. Now, they’re defined by school pick-up time.