The beach is going for drama this afternoon.
Having one of those days where I wonder why I bother with the stress of being self-employed. It’s been nearly a decade since I had a full-time job. Maybe it’s time to go back.
It’s lovely to see the vegetation sprouting again on the beach — a sure sign that summer is on its way.
Dear Substack writers, It is not compulsory to have an opinion on the Basecamp mess. Yours, Adam (Who has just deleted several lukewarm takes on the subject from you all…)
Looks like there are security updates for Apple things out — urgent ones, too. Looks like I’ll be updating all the family devices while I work this morning.
This is an absolute shocker: last night someone cut down an osprey nest at Llyn Brenig in Wales, where a young pair were incubating their first egg. Ospreys are a schedule 1 species, and any disturbance of them during breeding season is a crime.
Just replaced the Cat 5 on the wired elements of our home network with Cat 7 cables. Boy, I know how to have fun on a Friday night.