Number of open tabs on my iPad: 0.

Days since this was last the case: 3,130.

Free audiobooks from Apple

Well, this is a great Christmas gift:

Apple Books has published six exclusive audiobooks this week, showcasing six great first listen titles read by celebrity narrators. The books themselves are all public domain works from Pride and Prejudice to Winnie the Pooh, recorded by Apple and released in the Book Store for free.

If you have an iDevice of some sort, these are well worth grabbing. The narrators include Karen Gillen (Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Kate Beckinsale. (Underworld series, etc).

The great pre-Christmas tab purge is underway. Wish me luck.

Strong and stable. Spoiled for stabilised filming right now - working in some tests for my blog.

I might need to take a vow of silence for the rest of the year, given how badly I appear to be communicating this week. I’ve spent too much of the week dealing with people upset or angry because of something I didn’t actually say…