It’s that time of the #interhacktives year…

The Final Days of Johnston Press - and the parlous state of local journalism in the UK.

The conclusion of today’s experiments: my 5 year old MacBook Pro is still good for 4k video editing (with proxy media). But the desktop really isn’t up to it. New iMac in my future, I expect.

Blogging is dead…

…unless you’re in fashion, where you’re influential enough to appear in marketing emails.

How people silence each other on social networks - some useful research.

Government needs to break the tech roach motels.

Data portability FTW.

Firing up Final Cut Pro, and seeing if my aging Mac can actually handle some 4k with decent proxy media settings.

Queen of the whole damn forest

Dusk feeders

Bloody hell: Facebook hires Nick Clegg as head of global affairs

Still, he has a consistent pattern of bad partnerships…