All Change

Chasing at Liège-Guillemins Railway Station in my way to Maastricht. I love the mix of classic 70s orange on the train, and cool white modernism in the station itself.

A decade since I last celebrated her birthday with my Mum. It does get easier, but never easy.

Easter Adur-side Pub Walk

For the first time in what seems like weeks we had some lovely weather yesterday. I grabbed the opportunity to walk with the girls up the Adur, on the riverside walk which is temporarily open during a lull in the flood defences work.

We had a really lovely lunch at the refurbished Amsterdam pub. Once the river walk is permanently open again. I foresee us doing this a lot more often.

Flood defences going in behind Riverside Road. #shorehambeach #shorehambysea

With a bit of luck, my Disqus comments should have been moved across to the new URLs on One Man & His Blog.

I’m still really excited by the move to @tryghost.