Winchester does ruins magnificently.

Coffee Break

Edgcumbes Coffee Roasters & Tea Blenders.

A coffee break in a great wee coffee place on the outskirts of Arundel. There’s some great coffee in Sussex.

Beautiful sky over Winchester this evening.

Cracking edition of my newly-renamed newsletter going out in the morning (if I do say so myself). It should be of particular interest to those in audience engagement or engaged journalism…

It seems increasingly clear to me that the societal stress we’re experiencing right now was well predicted in the 1970 book Future Shock. Our societies are in that state, thanks to the transformative effects of digital technology and the internet.

Dave Winer:

Discourse is not Twitter’s strength, not because of the thread structure, rather that it’s a write-only community of attention seekers 🔥

Even "green" wealthy people consume impact the climate disproportionately

Well, this is depressing:

And even fairly radical lifestyle changes are meaningless at the level of global emissions unless they are multiplied by many millions. To imagine lifestyle choices making a substantial dent in global warming is to imagine a goodly portion of the world’s rich people voluntarily living a lifestyle that is relatively ascetic even by US middle-class standards.

Lessons from two months of #2minutebeachclean

For the last couple of months, my daughters and I have been doing a #2minutebeachclean pretty much every Sunday - concentrating on the same small patch of the beach.

While it’s been delightful spending the time by the sea, playing with the girls, and watching them become more aware of their environment, the sheer volume of plastics we’re pulling out of that small patch of the beach is depressing.

It’s been a case of not really realising the depth of a problem until you stare it in the face — and it’s making me think about all the purchasing decisions I make, but also what else we can do as a family to help turn this around.

What have we done?

I know all the hip joints!

Still can’t quite believe that I turned down the chance to work on this beauty - but it was the right decision at that time of my life.


An article designed for @ismhThe joy of collecting old tech

News that will fill my daughters with joy in the morning - but which is filling me with dread, because I’m going to end up watching it 9,732 times: The Frozen 2 teaser trailer is here.

And I will not let it go.

Optimism is cool:

Optimism is our instinct to inhale while suffocating. Our need to declare what “needs to be” in the face of what is. Optimism is not uncool; it is rebellious and daring and vital.

The Freelancer Mindset: it's a trap!

The Psychological Trap of Freelancing

People who attach dollar signs to their time — or “value time like money” — tend to be overwhelmingly less happy than those who don’t, because their nonworking hours suddenly seem less important. “Free” time gets tainted with guilt because there’s a cost associated with it.

I suffer from this, and have to talk myself down from it on a periodic basis. Comforting (in a way) to know I’m not alone.

Dangerous shop.

Wow, Blogger really is being neglected isn’t it? The last substantive update I can find is from nearly a year ago - and it’s mainly about removing features. Even Movable Type has had a major new version since then.

Productivity in the home office this morning: could be better.

First signs of spring. (Which means it’ll be snowing within the month…)


Late night London.

Scenes from a beach walk.

On the Shoreham Beach boardwalk. Stormy Shoreham BeachWaves on Shoreham Beach

TIL: Apple proposed the forthcoming set of emoji covering people in wheelchairs, with service dogs, etc. Cool. (via Download)

The victorious defeat of the open web

It just occurred to me that the prevalent idea that apps killed the open web is completely and utterly wrong. The open web is still there, it still works, and it still needs no-one’s permission before you can publish there. Sure, the vast majority of the attention is elsewhere, in siloed apps, but then it was in the glory days of the web, too.

Maybe that’s OK. Maybe that’s how it should be. And that’s maybe where those of us who enjoy something different, something alternative, something fun can build new and interesting things. We need new mechanisms to help people navigate these alleyways, and to connect with each other, as most of the old ones are gone or transformed. But that can be done.

Maybe, just maybe, the victory of the apps has handed us the blessing of being counter-cultural again. And that’s exciting.

Just tried to explain 70s/80s linear TV to my children, in all its pre-daytime TV, pre-streaming “glory”. They can’t get past the idea it was impossible to pause TV, let alone the rest of it.

God, I feel old.