Beachscape with fisherman and detectorist

Sunday afternoon on Shoreham Beach

Worth remembering that “reduce” and “reuse” both beat “recycle” in the sustainability hierarchy:

Here are the 7 best apps to sell and buy your clothes

By their fans you shall know them…

PewDiePie fan unleashes ransomware that encrypts hard drives until he gets 100M subscribers

One of the ransomware strains also warned victims that if, at any time, the Indian Bollywood channel T-Series gets more subscribers than PewDiePie, the decryption key will not be released.


Apple’s Final Cut Pro X upgraded to version 10.4.6 - and this is interesting:

“Detects media files that may be incompatible with future versions of macOS after Mojave and converts them to a compatible format”

Like many people, I suspect, I signed the petition not because I think there’s a realistic chance of Article 50 being revoked, but instead to remind May that there are many millions of us out here who don’t want to leave the EU. The will of the people is divided.

My daughters have very carefully, precisely and secretively placed 10p coins under their chairs. I love them, but sometimes they are very sinister.

Oh, dear. When did I enter that demographic?

Thanks, Facebook.

The “Revoke Article 50” petition is closing in on ¾ of a million, and gaining about 3k signatures per minute.

Joining the rest of my family in marking World Down Syndrome day:

Yay. My Kickstarter stickers are here!

The speed with which this is gaining signatures is quite something. 100s of extra signitories every few seconds: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU

This makes me very nostalgic for an earlier era of Apple.

Rainbow Apple logo on the shutters of a shop in Islington, London

The spread of footage from the Christchurch terrorists attack is clearly unacceptable. To curtail this we need three responses: technological, social and political. The problem is bigger than just the tech platforms.

Happy news of the day: my Essential Analytics for Media Professionals course is sold out.

I’ve come across a number of blogs in recent weeks that have “moved to Instagram”. One thing is for sure: they will eventually regret that decisions. Maybe not soon, but eventually.

My new pride and joy

This is my new pride and joy.

A year or so a switch flipped in my head. The more I watched vegetable trimmings, teabags and coffee grounds go into our bin, the more bothered I became about it. Those were good resources, resources a damaged planet badly needs, and we were locking them away for centuries or more in capped landfill sites.

I hated it.

Our council doesn’t offer kitchen waste recycling, so the only option open to me was home composting. My wife took some persuading, but a few months ago, with agreement, I ordered myself a beehive composter, and for the last two weeks it’s been sitting in the back garden, happily accepting anything I throw its way.

Compost n00b

I’m a novice - I know I am. I’ve only had a composter once before, back when I lived in Lewisham. But the garden there was not what you’d call accessible. It was down two flights of stairs, once you were out of the front door - and then up another flight of stairs. And to get to those you had to escape the back door, which was heavily bolted. I always assumed it was that way due to break-ins before i moved in, but I never found out. But those bots sure as hell slowed me down.

Now, my new composter is just outside the back door, and there’s so much more fun to be had. (Yes, fun. Don’t @ me.)

There’s so much more to compost than there used to be. For example, Waitrose have just started sending their organic bananas out in compostable bags. Magazines are arriving in similar bags. Even my local coffee shop is providing compostable coffee cups and lids. In they all go.

Yes, this is fun. I’m looking forward to turning over the compost in a month or so. I’m looking forwards to watching how effective all these compostable materials are. I spend so much of my life in front of glowing screens, something like this is just such a refreshing change. And, let’s face it, with the state of the planet, every single change like this we make helps, just a little.


Computational photography and videography is just fascinating: Researchers Found a Way to Extract Detailed Slo-Mo Videos From a Single Blurry Photo

This is a serious and useful look at the digital context around today’s horrible terrorist atrocity:

Shitposting, Inspirational Terrorism, and the Christchurch Mosque Massacre - bellingcat

This sounds like a fascinating read. Preordered:

Homesick: Why I live in a shed


I had awesome wallpaper as a child. (That’s not me - it’s a school friend).

Stephen Kent in my childhood bedroom, with Star Wars wallpaper.

Oooooh. A kernel panic. How retro.