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Hey, @help, am I missing something, or is the only way to trigger a webmention send manually adding class=“u-in-reply-to” in the link?

In the couple of days since I wrote this post, the chances of TikTok getting banned in the US have only increased.

This feel genuinely unprecedented.

The girls are eating fish fingers and custard.

Yes, they’ve just watched The Eleventh Hour.

Interesting legal analysis of the arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin.

News about our beaches like this makes me ashamed to be British.

I sometimes think the local birds eat better than we do…

Interesting to see that Automattic have acquired the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress.

The Fediverse momentum is growing.

William Davies on The Reaction Economy:

The individual is not conceived in the same way as in the liberal philosophical tradition – as an autonomous agent, possessed of reason and interests – or in the psychoanalytic tradition, as shaped perhaps unconsciously by past conflicts and injuries. Instead, each of us (celebrities included) becomes a junction box in a vast, complex network, receiving, processing and emitting information in a semi-automatic fashion, and in real time.


Currently reading: Adventure Revolution by Belinda Kirk 📚

I’m still stupidly excited that I’ll be teaching on City’s new MA in Podcasting next year — on the audience development side.

A general US TikTok ban edges closer…

This is absolutely stunning drone footage of the Matterhorn.

Iris wanted to watch some Doctor Who. So, we started at the beginning. The very beginning…

Lots of writing to do today — so lots of coffee will be drunk…

A coffee brewing in a V60.

One thing I miss about growing up in Scotland: walking home after dark in the snow, and seeing the snowflakes illuminated by the street lights.

Two damn decades of writing the same blog.

Yes, One Man & His Blog is 20 today.

Wood and tile.

#mbmar 📸

Your Sunday morning swimming pool white board wisdom.

After spending most of the winter feeling cold when out and about, I bought myself a new coat in the sales — just in time for one last cold snap.

#mbmar 📷 Prompt: zip

The zip on a Passenger coat.

Started reading: Bringing Back the Beaver by Derek Gow 📚

I want that sticker.

Sometimes solitude is possible, even in the heart of London.

#mbmar 📸

A deserted London street at night.

The Good Apple and the Bad Apple

John Gruber:

“Putting the legality of Apple’s anti-steering rules aside, I think they make the company look spiteful and petty.”

It sometimes feels like there’s two Apples: the user-first Apple that makes delightful hardware, and the App Store Apple that’s cheap, nasty and willl nickel and dime you on everything.

That latter Apple is busy damaging the reputation of the company for surprisingly little return.

The perfect weather for a beach walk this afternoon.

#mbmar 📸

A rather lovely hagstone - and a deep one - found on a quick beach walk this afternoon, trying to burn off some of my daughter’s energy. She’s home today because of the teachers’ strike.

A hagstone on the beach.