One Man's Notebook

OK. I admit it. This is absolutely my kind of feature:

“Memes can be thought of as a form of symbolic art. A meme isn’t usually about what’s being depicted, but about what the viewer feels when seeing it, or the connotations it arouses.”

This feature is going to have to work hard to convince me of its thesis…

(From the latest Standart Magazine.)

A feature entitled "the hipster barista dies not exist" from Standart magazine.

Sugar rush incoming.

Booked in to get fibre to the house, rather than just fibre to the cabinet, next month. Really looking forward to that — given the amount of video I routinely move around these days, it should make a significant improvement to our quality of digital life.

Cosmopolitan place, Shoreham.

BB8, a Dalek and Adam Tinworth on the coast.

Meanwhile, down by the lifeboat station.…

Calling Michael Gove the Levelling Up Minister does make it sound awfully like he spends all day in front of his Xbox, playing an RPG…

I told a student I would give her piece a “tense check”. And I’m still giggling about the quasi-pun an hour later.


So, turns out your keyboard works better if you turn it on. 🤦🏼‍♂️

Tough economic times are already hitting eco charities and sustainable businesses just at the time we need them the most. We all need to make smart choices on how we spend limited money.

These are going to be difficult months.

Sitting, working, on the balcony, and wondering why I don’t do this more.

Best badge ever.

I’ve got a feeling we’re being watched here in the churchyard…

All ready to see my youngest get a Gold Award at the Funky Friday assembly…

The beach, late this afternoon.

A girl plays on the sand, with a kite surfer in the distance.

Oh, no. Julee Cruise Has Died, Aged 65.

The Twin Peaks soundtrack was the backdrop to my uni years, and Falling is still a go-to track for me in particular moods.

I love this light. Wouldn’t fit in our house, but looks great in this pub.

A ceiling lamp made out of a ship's wheel in The Amsterdam, Shoreham-by-Sea.

Does the glamour never stop?

The viewing shed at Happy Valley stables.

Choosing Peter Capaldi to narrate a nature documentary builds in a vague irritation at humanity’s stupidity…

Leaving behind the #wwdc22 keynote to watch something more important…

An iPad showing the livestream of Riverwoods.

My big lesson from yesterday’s Platinum Jubilee street party is that I’m now officially too old for afternoon drinking.

My most common typo for “metaverse” is “meat verse” which is ironic, given that it’s pretty much the exact opposite…

Good grief - 5G in central London is quite something…

So, by botching a Spotlight search for Teams, I accidentally opened a search for “teacup puppies”.

I win the internet today.


Ghost 5.0 is here…