The rain, it raineth every day ☔️

Iris amongst the irises.

Loving nature is a political act

The river at Wowo Campsite

It seems impossible to me to be, now, passionate about nature and not be also both political and ethical about nature. We no longer have the luxury of ‘pure’ pleasure in place, enticing though that is.

Robert Macfarlane in the March issue of Country Walking magazine.

It was windy yesterday at Woods Mill, but the sound is just lovey.

I love this photo of Iris in the woods from yesterday.


Nesting swan at Woods Mill, West Sussex.

Here’s something I don’t often do: a review. It’s of Freewell’s All Day Filters for the Osmo Pocket.

What’s good in your world today?

Shaping up to be a lovely day.

Today’s workplace.