Why innovation fails.

Catching up with the MacBook news. Prices finally getting down to where they need to be, but a new keyboard would be the icing on the cake.

However, depending on how iPadOS shakes out, I may well be done with MacBooks.

Trapped in the attention farm

Dave Winer:

Ever notice that mostly what people post on Twitter is designed to get attention for the author. I think that’s due to the award incentive of the system. Flow == more followers == power and prestige.

Yes. It’s the big and dangerous trap of Twitter, especially for journalists. Twitter increasingly rewards attention-seeking behaviour, rather than useful behaviour.

After a productive day in front of a screen (or three), I have just treated myself to 40 minutes with a real, paper hardback — Tom Cox’s 21st Century Yokel — and a glass of whisky.

Perfect end to the day. 🥃📖

This is a compelling account of life in a (failing) digital content startup: The Rise and Fall of Babe.Net and The Aziz Ansari Story

The end is sobering.

‘We’re anti-influencer’: ice-cream truck makes Instagram ‘stars’ pay double 🤣

So, when everybody’s in-boxes are cluttered with newsletters in about 18 months’ time - will we see the grand blog and RSS revival, as history cycles through technologies again?

Oh, DJI. I’m not sure encouraging non-consensual voyerism is the right way to sell your products…

A screenshot from the DJI app, envvouraging readers to share amourous moments they've captured…

Breaking: social media verification processes still suck.

How The Correspondent plans to handle audience engagement.