Catching up with a backlog of @monday posts is an odd experience - Just been through a run with a couple of people who have essentially left since.

Over a decade since my first download from the App Store. Not much use now.

This is super-handy: a Google web tool to optimise images for the web.

It bothers me that people think that Apple’s green initiatives are just “marketing”. It is possible for them to be both genuine, and good marketing, as I tried to explain last week.

A caravan of bots and other updates from the misinformation wars.

Stan Lee has gone to the great bullpen in the sky. RIP, Stan. Thanks for all the hyperbole and superheroics.

Y’know. I just realised - reading blogs used to - and often still does - make me happy, curious and energised. Reading social media rarely does any of those three. You lose something when you erode complexity and replace it with low impact interaction.

The problem with not working between Thursday evening and late Monday afternoon is that your in-box ends up a place of misery and horror. But my children are more important that my in-box, so I survive it…

Remember that Roman thing of having a slave whispering “remember you are mortal” to a triumphing general? We need that for every single person reading the internet - except they should be whispering “you, too, can fall to confirmation bias”.

And that includes me.

Fantastic issue of The Discourse, looking at the dynamics of online hostility - you really should be subscribed to this.